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In the west right there. No respect in the west. I'm pretty sure we have a chance to you know. Went to at home. And then hit the road. Do we do be the road warriors? Again. The next are concluding his six game road trip that has seen losses in for four. The first five games. The nuggets are in Miami. After seeing their five game winning streak end in Houston last night. The Timberwolves looking to get back to the playoffs. And perhaps the recent coaching change will spark them Ryan Saunders makes his debut in the wolves take on the thunder tonight in Oklahoma City. College action top ranked Duke goes for its eighth straight at Wake Forest third-ranked. Tennessee looks to build on a forty six point win over Georgia. The vol's will take on Missouri, eighth ranked Texas Tech host number twenty three Oklahoma. The red raiders have won their first two big twelve games by a total of nine points. The red raiders of yet to allow seventy points a game this year. And that list includes Duke also tonight a good one in the ACC where twelfth ranked North Carolina faces number fifteen North Carolina State in Raleigh. I'm rich Ackerman. Hey as Bill writer, we're talk Baylor versus Clemson. We'll be joined by Cowboys great drew Pearson that much. Much more right than you. It's six three seven. Hi, this gave land Scott forward for your Colorado Avalanche. You're listening to Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Steelers are a mess right now. A soap opera. Ben timmy's. He's he's half a phony. I'm sorry. So the narrative has been all something's wrong with the Golden State Warriors part of its scoring part of its Draymond green. Not doing what Jerry mongering does. But when you start getting the lazy or complacent shows up on the offensive side St. wake up every day. Lebron James look in the mirror as much as I believe he is a little too self absorbed in full honesty. I can look in that mirror and say there's never been a basketball player on the planet who can do. And does what I do. Period, talented. They're talking there. Tiki and Tierney was the broad, and I looked into that Sameera might have to cut the hair once and for all the Gilo one shaved down on the buzz. But that's.

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