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Store the Orland park police chief says surveillance video appears to show to temporary steel walls fall on the girl he said each weighed up that between seventy and one hundred pounds she suffered critical head injury later died advocate Christ Medical Center in Oaklawn evidential new threat from North Korea military analysts say satellite images indicate Kim Jong hoon three she may be building a submarine capable of launching nuclear weapons ABC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has the latest it would significantly increase the threat from North Korea we think they're still a long way from doing this we've seen Kim Jong on out there at last month talking about this brand new ballistic missile submarine so this is just another sign that they continue on that track the trump administration's threatening to pull federal money from a hospital in Vermont in response to a nurse's claim that she was forced to participated in abortion procedure despite objecting on religious grounds ABC's employer the HHS says that they only used to receive maybe one complaint a year on these types of cases religious discrimination religious freedom cases as what they call them now the receiving hundreds and when I talked to an HHS official he said he thinks it's trumping elected and talking about religious freedom and people knowing that they have this right a teacher S. referring to the U. S. department of health and Human Services it's currently pursuing the nurses case a democratic presidential contenders are reacting to news that senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York has dropped out of the race for the White House former vice president Joe Biden was asked whether she should have been allowed to participate in the next democratic debate despite her not garnering the minimum two percent support pole number six.

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