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Well, I just think I have a little bit of in defense of why I didn't necessarily have her as one of my 52 aces in 5 matches in Lyon. That is great, but I mean, as we've talked about before, you've got to have a bit more game than that as well. And I think she does definitely have that. But I think the interesting to see how she moves into some of those bigger drawers because quite a lot of her ranking is based on she talked about herself. She's been in the final over 60 K last year now. She's winning at two 50 and she did pick up a couple of those December WTA one two 5s in France as well. So I think it will be interesting to see what she can do, as you say, add a bigger tournament. But her second server kick a second serve is probably one of the best second serves on the tour. So I will give you that Joel. I'm winning over Chris, but it feels like I'm so we've still got to take time. He's not going to take it on. This is just this one tournament. No, and I'd be a lot of parallels for people talking about her and Serena Williams and all of that, but perhaps we shouldn't go to go to mad early on. Yeah, she's won one title. But with an upset in that final, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but you too can continue fighting over the illicit parks hype, maybe going forward to the rest of the season. Let's look at the ATP events from the past week on tour. We have the Dallas open to talk about first of all because and actually Joel and Chris, you mentioned this earlier in relation to whole gurus, comments about serve bots, we had one of those in the Dallas open final. John Isner. And he was up against Wu Yi Bing, who actually managed to beat him, but what was perhaps not so surprising was the fact that it was three tie breaks that with Wu managing to come through to defeat Isner. 6, 7, 7, 6, 7, 6. The last I break was perhaps the most exciting one of all 1412 and four match points saved for Wu. Chris, whoo is now the first Chinese man to ever have won an ATP tour title. Do you think this is a very significant moment for China as a tennis playing nation on the ATP side of events given the result we saw in Dallas? I think it's really significant. I think it's something that's really important for the tour as well. I think obviously the ATP have continued relations with China and there will be tournaments played in China this year and we know that there's been some really big attention for players like Lena in the past when it comes to the women's side of things. So I think there's always been that question as to why there hasn't been a male player from China who's been able to perform like this and having a player who's on the younger end of the spectrum I think is also very exciting and as you said, I'm very always pleased when someone who we would consider to be potentially a serve but gets their comeuppance in a final because you think you have to work that much harder but I don't think John is no, I was quite surprised. I don't think John Isner should be winning titles on the ATP tour I was surprised to see this result personally that he was in the final, but no, it's a breath of fresh air I think a new Titleist from the first time someone's done that I think mighty impressive. So I say woohoo. I like that. Yeah, it's crazy because his ranking was, I think, in the over 1000 last year, he's had a lot of injuries in his career up to date. So I hadn't really played for about three years prior to last year. But Joel, what did you make of whoo? Because he beat Taylor Fritz and Denis Shapovalov earlier on in the tournament. So great, great wins there for him. Yeah, he's had a fantastic week. As you said, he's been, I think, plagued by injuries over the last few years. I watched a clip of him against Nishikori mountain in Asia a few years ago and it's great, I think, to see him now fulfilling on that potential and that promise and yeah, he was he was so good I think in the final game. Another player coming up against a home hope, home resident, I think, in John Isner and although yeah, I was probably a surprise of which America was going to get to the final given we've spoken about how many Americans are in the top 50. I wouldn't have put John is a necessarily at the top of that list, but it just shows, I think, with a big serve, it can still take you places regardless of if you're perceived to be to be getting on a bit, but I think for whoo, this is an incredibly exciting moment and assuming or hoping for his sake that he can keep his he can keep himself healthy. I have no reason to see why he can't continue to go up the rankings because I think he's got a very, very solid game and could be a big moment for Chinese tennis. I mean, they've got Qing Wang Jiang as well on the women's side. So it seems that they've got two great talents coming up in the game that could really shed a more positive light I think on Chinese tennis because I

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