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You live in a city it's a great city quote supercar it's not a super car but it's like a good rare fund gt bruiser yes sounds great the automatic transmission sucks balls the manual controls are slow think about what a torque converter gearbox from two thousand eight is that's that's the problem yeah unless it has like very low miles to me seventy five thousand dollars is very high that's a that's a lot of money for that car unless it's meg alot really really really low miles a driver condition one of those i'd put it like sixty so that then you've got your nine hundred seven two turbo i've got a thought there yeah so there there are late nine nine one nine nine seven point one turbos yeah that are metzger blocked unlike the point two's there's different opinions on this this is what i've heard are late nine and seven point one metzger blocked turbos with the newer interior oh that over two thousand nine you gotta find some late nine build or something okay so if you all right there's one you can't get nine nine seven and a half turbos in manual i don't think oh he says six maybe you can maybe assets you can't drive all hundred thousand for nine hundred okay all right or v twelve and six feet one hundred fifteen i think the dark horse value by long hold is the aston you think yeah v twelve b twelve six just yet naturally aspirated wheelbase durable engine yeah i'll a platform with a lot of parts availability unless you're going on racetracks in which case i would say the porsche yes but you already have a g three yeah so you already have a v twelve vantage manage manual is such a thousand i drove the early veto vantage and the late one both manual this f sixteen speed i prefer the sixty six all right yeah i prefer it the seven speed it's got that funky dogleg yeah which i'm not that into and that's my picture in the middle we won't get dinged on a copyright measure mind that's that's my picture with the of the press yeah we really have the same car yeah this is the nike and not nike but it looks like a sneaker that flannel the cerebrospinal that interior was amazed i in the video we we did the i'm dental was it was i think it was like that this thing had this gray flannel it was a beautiful like you know one of those like fucking sweatshirts that like it's like a kashmir hoodie you put on now where it's like but it's actually like that's it yeah the gray flannel that will leather but if you're if you're live just go to my or later whatever go to my youtube channel and i actually caressed the dash yeah yeah it was it was lovely but i the six speed is the one that's the early car yeah the speeds of the one to have their i hope that answers i already got a porsche nine seven gd three yeah yeah i'm b twelve manage that's a good way and thank you everyone oh here we go she week road trip starting in the santa barbara area to place to start with a focus on national parks camping and dirt roads wow ideas are right now take the one oh one north to seattle yellowstone moab zion grand canyon that trip you just described is so much driving yeah it's a lot of drive for one week you got to cut the miles in half on that my friend dirt roads to take your law long for we know for sure yeah yeah that's way too much driving you're gonna hate it hate to say i i would either go directly i would not go north to seattle or yellowstone you've got to go east to zion and grand canyon or you go north to yellowstone yosemite yeah right yeah you got to pick one i can tell you we're not to go where i was last week went to mure muir woods whatever national monument or well that's where i sprained my ankle last week well that's the problem that don't go to.

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