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Referencing. Justin is a monster. Get what this is about. And, and he's never trumpets that always against Trump like this isn't about Trump. This is about whether a sitting president can use the intelligence community, to go after an opposing political candidates, and, and abused the intelligence community in that way. And those of us who were part of the IT have to deal with the aftermath. We're our job is made so damn hard all the time because nobody trusts the I feed him. Woodbridge WMA. Oh, Washington point nine FM and AM, six thirty. W M. E L A Cumulus station. Where Washington comes to talk. W mayo news at ten good morning everyone. I'm John Matthews. New this hour, John Walker. Linda so-called American Taliban is now a free man released from federal prison in Indiana in the past hour after spending seventeen years behind bars. Lind was arrested on battlefield, Neff ghanistan shortly after nine eleven convicted for helping the Taliban Lind will now be on a three year term of supervised release, but he will live in Virginia. Subject to the direction of his probation officer respond. Barbara Starr Lynn's released was opposed by the family of Mike Spann soldier killed in Afghanistan during an uprising of Taliban prisoners, President Trump is drawing the line on working with Democrats until they stop working on him. So how does he keep moving forward with his agenda or presence going to try and so pass critical legislative, but he's also going to work through the executive branch to do it again. We saw with the declaration of national emergency forever Gration. We've seen that through lower drug prices, and number of other issues. The president's going to focus on his key priorities. Whether that's through his executive power or through congress White House deputy communications director, Adam Kennedy tells WML's mornings on the mall. It's clear, the Democrats have no desire to work with the president President Trump's promise fourth of July salute to America at the Lincoln Memorial came up during the interior department's budget review in the Senate. Democrat, Senator Tom udall, Mr. Sarah's secretary, can you assure us that no funds appropriated by this subcommittee will be spent on that are partisan, or that serve purely to aggrandize, the president interior secretary David Bernhardt? Absolutely. I can give you that commitment. And I think it's fantastic that the president might take time to join folks on the National Mall to celebrate America's independence day, no detailed plans.

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