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Warhol a lights out of me I'm gonna end up finding my basement one day and we're going to think it's a heart attack really it's because they touch the water heater and some highly advanced scientific advice Robbie yes the gas fired water heater yes calculate your kid to buy gas see listen to a Saturday mornings at seven on geo cool for moms you nation with JT so file real life okay now from the studios in for everybody wants our commander Chris coming to you from our beautiful turn it don't burn it studios in Portland Oregon you know Christmas I hate to say it is just a few days away it really is and I'm just wondering if you're ready I'm wondering if you've made your meal selections hi I because I'm pretty sure yeah we got all your shopping day but we're not gonna be talking about shopping today we're gonna be talking about preparing the main course of your Christmas dinner with our dear friend meathead Goldwyn from amazing words that calm so he's gonna be with us in just a second gold Christmas music for you today of course made my friend how are you all I'm ready I I am designated beef man for Christmas dinner so that have been for years he is he did is usually a one my wife's nieces homes nearby and young people the and a big crowd so I I'm the one who gets stuck with the the tab on the beef and it's my pleasure I love yeah I I know that deal to very well because you know when you get labeled the cowboys could you actually represent a beef company they all expect that when they come to your house for dinner you know yeah it's like yeah I'm not I I just ordered about we are both for the B. for Christmas Eve or Christmas day you had so I should be fine so let's talk about that we talked about it before but I always think it's worth repeating prime rib he is not an actual definition of a piece of meat if you've got a rib roast and the grading system and the quality prime choice or select utilitarian whatever you wanna call it also and I think people get fooled about that I mean it's been very well covered over the years and all the food magazines and guys like you and me talking about it but every once in awhile somebody still says you know I went to the store Christmas and I bought a prime rib in it wasn't very good it was tough well they never read the label are they got sold a bill of goods your thoughts yeah it is confusing and I need has been written about but you're right a lot of people don't know what I mean they look at you know that's one of the reasons you when I make a living is because people don't know a lot about food we get to have each other but the big suit me that are cut off of this here are on are often called finals and the prime rib he is the way it looks final well I'm a spear and it is what it is is is in its the the state save big long slender muscle that runs along the spine and you've got one two folks right along your spine you can see if you can feel it his long tubular muscle that runs from your shoulder blades yeah and that's the Longines the Missouri side and the and the spears have it also and it lies right next to the spine and right below it are the ribs and the same thing honesty here so the real primal are the one seven bones star just below the shoulder down seven bones back and yeah you can run anywhere from twelve fourteen sixteen depending on the size of the spear twelve fourteen sixteen eighteen pounds of meat and bone and fat and it is probably the best me honesty here and in fact it's.

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