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Tax dot has a plan to build some flyovers possibly at the Y in Oak Hill and getting a lot of pushback from people who live at work and play in that area. I get it. You live in that area. Do you like the idea of big flyovers to ease? Traffic congestion. I love the idea of easing traffic congestion. Like, you couldn't believe I hate the idea of big fly over now while most everyone at last night's capital area, metropolitan planning organization meeting agrees that something needs to be done opponents like this woman flyovers would be what would just make things worse project is just too big. Doesn't make sense. The fixed to ninety coalition is proposing adding more lanes, but not building flyovers because don't worry about runoff into Barton springs. I'm not sure how more lanes doesn't add more runoff. Barton springs. Don't understand either. I don't understand the environmental aspect or the potential threat there. What is different from regular road versus big flyovers? Now will vote Shaw on the final decision. This proposal next month. And basically the congested roads, the brake lights or something that driver see all the time onto ninety seventy one right there at the Y at Oak Hill, congested roads or have been a major problem that live in that area. And there's been talk. There's been a lot of talk about doing something over the past few decades. But nothing really ever gets done. I mean, there were just hordes of businesses that moved out of that area thanking that construction was coming and they needed to relocate or some closed down or whatever. Now, why do you not nothing happened? Why do you not support fly over? I don't support it because the transformation of the way that place looks and sounds and feels would be dramatic. There's no doubt that we we've had areas of town that that we have put big flyers that have transformed the area. But in this case, you've got a little bit of of a hill country there. It's kind of that area is kind of the a bit of a gateway to the hill country, and it is going to transport. It's not going to be the same experience. And it's going to be loud. It would be very very loud. Those those flyovers if they can just add more lanes without going up in big time support bottom line. What makes the road loud markers? Well, it's more cars. And I think or lanes means you still get the runoff in the Barton swings at the environmentalists concerned about more lanes, Maine's imminent domain taking people's property business property, some people will have to shutdown. I think the volume is gonna come from the fact that you're going to have cars and the goal is to have cars moving through that area. Constantly faster. So you are going to have more noise versus cars having to stop it. Stop lights that you are going to have more road noise. No doubt about it. So you just say add a lane in each direction on each side all of those roadways leading into one area. So whatever adding more lanes to seventy one to ninety and that whole area right there. If they can add more lanes means more cars into that y into that that that cross section of tonight. No clue about engineering. It might not be possible. It all I just the thought of what big flyovers out there in Oak Hill. I it just boggles my mind over everywhere, I understand, and I and I made that point there are, but I think this would be more transformative than any other areas. I can think about as far as the overall atmosphere this this bickering over over the finer details is the reason we haven't done anything in thirty years. Right. So so right ready. Nothing will be done if they do anything. It will be a construction mass. And it won't be exactly what transportation planners really wants. I mean, they're the experts, right? That's what I hear. Right. You would think. So. I mean, right. They all went to an out there. Right transportation expert paper that says stuff, right? That's that's what I'm assuming. So you'd like to see what a one lane in each direction on all of those roads. So I can't tell you exactly how many lanes they would need to make a difference. But they obviously need more. They need more asphalt. They're going to have to cover more area. Obviously they're going to have to cut into some some some areas to make that work. So if that to me is a better option than the flyovers might not be possible though. And I might just have to realize that is going to be a draft drastically different area. L the people are going to have to support a at least one idea for it to happen. Otherwise, nothing no five one eight three six zero five ninety. How about these four employees in palm coast, Florida? Home Depot, they've been fired trying to stop a man who was shoplifting. More than a thousand dollars worth of power tools. The three men followed him out the door the parking lot. A woman cashier shoe stood in the way of the man as he tried to leave George EPA Lido is one of the now former workers at that. Home Depot who followed a guy. Into the parking lot. The passenger.

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