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I wouldn't put Mike white that far behind it. And among the 6 hires. So this is, this is amalgamation of kind of what big picture, long-term, how these hires work. And what people in the industry kind of feel, power ranking the hires in the SEC. So this is not strictly my opinion. This is me gathering info. And some near the top are near the bottom of the list and some near the bottom are near the top of the list. But I would say it goes like this. Mike white to Georgia, being the best, because he was good at Florida. And now he goes to a Georgia program that has historically irrelevant. I mean, it's had like 7 seasons of note ever. George has never good immense college basketball. It's actually fascinating. Mike white might be the guy to change that. Again, 243 wins to his career. So it goes white, then Chris jans, then I would say it's probably golden, narrowly ahead of Dennis Gates, and then you get to McMahon and Lamont Paris at the bottom. McMahon, because of all the sanctions, and it's also a huge jump. Some wonder if he is going to be the ultimately the right guy for LSU. Again, I'm not saying that I think this, but I want at least, you know, I'm not going to hop on here and here's the thing people would whisper about LSU. Is that. The way it's forever gotten done at LSU? You can say it then. Okay, if you're gonna win an LSU, you gotta be wired to be a cheater and Matt McMahon does not carry that reputation whatsoever. That's basically it. But now let's say this. What if what you used to have to do to get players at LSU is legal now? You can just, however, yeah. Yeah. That's an ongoing discussion of like, what's cheating anymore anyway. And so there are some coaches that still think like, you know, blatantly inducing players with all this money is still a little improper. And some people are like, whatever, it's just, you know, I don't know. Anyway, McMahon doesn't, he's not, I think, I think it's a great fit. In fact, there was a lot of curiosity if it was McMahon to Missouri, Dennis Gates gets it. So we'll see. But yeah, and then Le Mans Paris just has Lamont. He's 5 seasons of Chattanooga. 87 72 just made the tournament there. South Carolina's search was a mess. And so I think there's the most uncertainty there specifically only because the process to get there, remember, they wanted Sean Miller. But man, I think Dennis Gates is sneaky if he wound up being the best. He's Dennis Gates is not like he's not a guy who's looking to self promote, give a great quote, but I think he's got a long time disciple of Leonard Hamilton. He's got a real shot at and I know Missouri fans are like, please, can we in the next guy be the guy? We'll see. He did a really good job at Cleveland state. He did interview at other places. Those places, you know, didn't offer him a job, Missouri was the spot there. But I think big picture, I think Mike white is the most, some would say chance some might even say Matt McMahon. I had one coach, tell me that he thinks that we will look up in like ten years. And yeah, McMahon's going to be the one that lasts from this and he's going to be the one that stays. Another saying it's going to be Gates. Gates is going to be the guy. I think Mike white, because he has won 243 games in his career that he made the tournament more years than not at Florida. One 62% of his games there. He's my bet for the best long-term long-term because of, again, entry point is a big time deal. Expectations. It's all relevant. Georgia is nothing. So I think that he's going to have the best chance at being the best coach. Listen, I don't have much interest in getting into predicting failure for any of these guys because none of us ever know. You get some right. You get some wrong. It seems, I don't know. As I've gotten older, I just don't have much interest in crapping on any of these hires. All of these guys, again, have accomplished something to even find themselves in this position to be the head coach of an like that in and of itself is amazing. No matter where it goes from here, you have reached a point in your profession that almost nobody else reaches, which is you're a head coach and a power conference. So, but they can't all succeed. And it's not going to happen. Again, it's just not going to happen. Every single year, Parrish, we go through this. So yeah. Yeah. So they're not all going to succeed. Some of these guys are going to be fired in four years. And some of these guys are going to get contracts extensions in two years. And you know, I could guess on who's who, but it would just be a guess. Like, I believe in Chris James, 'cause I've seen him, when you just absolutely kill it at a job, relative to your league. Yeah. And Jane's like, he understands how to navigate all the things you've got to navigate at a place like Mississippi state. I believe in that one. He is also the toughest job in the league. So no, people say that. What is tougher, South Carolina?.

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