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Of folks going through a pandemic and then complete that with the holidays. What are people to do? We get some expert opinion and thoughts on that next. Right now. You're drivin expert opinion and thoughts on that. I'm John Morrissey. Imagine is stay home if you can. Yeah. If you're working from home this morning. You're glad you're working from home this morning. And if you're not You're wishing you were working from home this morning. It is a tough, tough drive around the metro area. We have so many problems early we backed up in stacked up. So now we're just dealing with a super slow drive. We still have our problems. Looks like Travis getting by at least one lane. Open on westbound. I 70 of federal Haven't heard any official declaration yet. But that jackknife semi there at federal, they clogged up westbound. I 70 looks like at least one lane getting by there. You've got a couple of closures South and Kipling, a 38th is closed. Watch was shut down in both directions just south of Alameda, between Mississippi and Ohio. That because of tough driving conditions any time you hit a hill, it is really rough and hard to get up. And down this morning, your drive out toward the airport had a crash North bound. I 25 North bound inbound Pina Boulevard right at 40. It looks like that's been cleared and looks like the crash has been cleared after 56 2. You're gonna have a backed up slow, slick drive on that pin you boulevard drive, but it looks like things are moving once you get to the air. There are flight delays South bound to 25 heavy that big fly over Ram from westbound I 72 south on 225 is real slow and then South and 2 to 5 is jammed up coming down from Alameda down to the tech Center Eastbound C 4 70 crash at Quebec this morning That's causing some delays and.

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