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Boat tour of the northwestern. Wildcats beautiful night here for this game between the Wildcats the Akron zips. Let's talk about your offensive line for a moment. He had some injuries in the game. Last week. Your injury report issued Thursday evening had three starters listed as questionable give us their the rundown on that Charles start at right tackle, he's responded really well to treatment and workers tail off and we'll have Tommy and play kind of an emergency ready, but goner and neck will start at left tackle and right guard respectively. Those guys have gotten all the Repsol week Tommy and Blake and gotten a little bit. But they're really close. You know, we'll see how they are in warm ups. But my hope is is that the other guys play well enough that we can hopefully. Get them one week better. Because if they go out there right now, they're going to fight through a lot of stuff. How much of a priority? Is it this week to finish drives because he had some you left some points out. I mean, that's the thing. Very nice to me free game. We had a lot, you know, probably more than I can ever remember in a game that we didn't finish. And you know, you never wanna discredit your opponent. I thought Duke really played well, but there were one man breakdowns on the online mis-throw a miscarriage. Maybe a call. We'd like to have back inside the four, you know. So there's enough thing psalms to be pointed to everybody to say, we've just got to be collectively better. And I think the guys worked out at this week and are excited to get back out and play and you know, put last last Saturday's performance offensively. When you're passing game is really clicking. You're distributing the ball to a lot of guys that hasn't quite been there. How much of an impacted losing Cam last week album that because he is a key guy in that. Yeah. But you know, we had I think we counted seven fifty fifty. And we went over for seven maybe three of those changes the game, you know, five of seven we probably score forty points. So. We just got we're gonna win on those plays. And again, I want credit opponent. And they did a nice job. And we've got to find a way to make those that we wanna win against good teams. And we're playing a very good team tonight Akron. I thought play outstanding a week ago. And you know, they win their division a year ago and planning a conference championship game that happens because a very good talent, very well coached team that makes a lot of place. So we got our hands full tonight. What are your big concerns about them offensively quarterback play, you know, streaky? And when he's on it's as good as you'll see, but we gotta affect them. And then we've got to make sure that we corral him. He's he's more quick than fast. And we've got to do a better job than we did against maybe a David Blau a couple of weeks ago when when he kinda went they went quarterback draw game. And we just didn't adjust quick enough. Have you seen some improvement in your defense from game one to game two and now during the prep for this game? Well, I think stopping Iran number one looked a little bit more like our normal defense last week. Outside of three plays. I thought we played pretty salty in the back end. We are great coverage we agree compete level. And we played a lot of guys. And so we anticipate doing very similar things here tonight plane many guys as we can get out there and hopefully being one week better. And find a way to win you may kind of a subtle change in your kicking game last week. You changed your kickoff guy. And unfortunately didn't have a lot of opportunities. But was that to to maybe save Charlie a little bit or get gets more depth on your kickoff? Charlie's been dealing with some some injury issues. So a little bit more arrests Charlie a little bit here. Get them and move forward to get from one thing to focus on and you know, hopefully hereafter after this week and then a week off. And then. Getting into kind of the meat and potatoes of the season. So to speak. He'll be good to go. But we'll go thought you did a nice job last week. He was our number two all year last year. And you know, I I think he really stepped up. So hope he continues to do that. If we have to call upon key other keys for you tonight. Take care of the ball. We've got to want to turn over game. We gotta watch scrimmage game one. I think pretty resignedly even though the rushing yards may not look that way that was all perimeter stuff. We've got to win a lot of scrimmage, and and then we've got to take the ball away. We had our hands on four balls last week when we had to strip sack opportunities when Ofer, you know, you just get half of those you're at three turnovers 'cause it's a different game. So we've got to get back to doing what we do well defensively. And then the kick game just be a week week older. I mean, we've got a lot of young guys she'd see and just be one week older one week wiser. Thanks, good luck. Thanks..

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