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Hi, Laurin never mentioned Howard. The Rockstars and your children. Rockstars of the family for sure. Were you were you have a basketball player? So I was back in the day. Don't play. Congratulations. It's been great. What a what a wonderful day though. The weather's cooperated. So far, we're keeping fingers crossed horse racing fan or no actually grown up. I went to northern Kentucky university. I've never tell my players. On Wednesday nights. We skipped nightclubs every once in a while too. The night racing. You know, I I've been doing racer to did you go to the derby ever when you were a young man, you know, you know, no never came down for the derby because we would go to turf way or or river downs. So weak and watch it there in in. You know, put a few dollars on it in some fun. Tough luck, bro. Hobby as we all know, do you have a pick and disturbing. You know, what have not looked at it that closely yet, but a will. But we'll tonight normally who whoever picked you'll opposite. Well, next year best like, we're glad to have you love all the work. You've been doing for forci with yoga, women's basketball, and congratulations. Sure, thank you, all so much walls here. Newsradio eight forty eight house Kentucky on this morning news. Mayor Fisher is going to be joining us here in just a little bit. I get the handicaps handicappers all around here. Anyway, jeff..

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