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Tickets. Hey, what's the German? Translation of that. Yuban spanish. He won all the French version. Okay. So anyway, but near the American version became because you're an American right? Five seven one eight four eight four I wanted to do that. We'll get a pair of tickets. Okay. A lot to get to like you said. Plus, I will have someone from the climb for the elevate that is tomorrow at slugger field. Oh, I'm sorry. Saturday morning at slugger field will be there very early. If you want to sign up around eight o'clock, the proceeds go to cystic fibrosis and basically used to do it at the old at Louisville. The Papa John's cardinal stadium or I'm sorry cardinal stadium. Now, you've used to have to walk off stadium walk or climb all up down up down all the way across the entire have. You have you done this? No, I didn't even attempt it. This is the stuff. Like, Jon Rams. You say I'm gonna go out and run the stairs. You know? I just don't understand how people do stuff like. So this one they switched it to Louisville slugger field. It's be easier than the other place. But man, there were some there were some competitive people that did it lasted last four or five years you've been out there. So I'll be out there. Saturday morning soccer field for cystic, fibrosis slugger. Field. Still isn't any joke though, man, if you're running the stereo nothing compared I guess, you're right. Cardinal stadium is point. I've always when I'm on the mic. I encourage people. So my my job is to. For going up and down. But I I always say when you're coming down be careful like use the rail as. You're the front of your muscles on your leg. Her just as bad as the back like when you're going up. That's what you're using your hands. But on the going down, you're using those muscles in the front of your leg. What how many times have you been drinking all day long? My friend going all the way back to old cardinal stadium where it was the aluminum bleachers. And you had to make it down on that drinking all day. So we could do that we could do with some type doesn't work since we didn't make it down. Oh, that's true. That's good. We accident. And roll down to the bottom. And sometimes just laid there right now, are you? Okay, kid. Yeah. I'm fine. Want to hand me that brought worst fine. All right. So we'll do that on Saturday. And then Frank Weaver is going to get a street. So the Tuskegee airmen, my friend yet they named a street after him. So I'm gonna do that Sunday afternoon. I'm going to go down there for that presentation. So that should be cool. Good for you. I gotta tell you how will receive ninety nineties, and I remember when I shook his hand rip on this guy. It's awesome, dude. I mean, he touched me, and I knew him for about three years. And he just every time I was with him. I was inspired. And he lived his life. Let me tell you something that Frank Weaver lived a life. He people will say or think that he's getting that street named after him because he's Tuskegee airman and what that meant to America. But that's not true. He it's partly true. But he was basically lived a life that we all pretend that we could live. He was a pastor raised his family. He was just amazing life, and he's it's cool that he's getting the street name. Bathroom. That's all. Yeah. If anyone needs to be remembered, it's Frank. There's no doubt about it. I we're gonna take a short break. We are busy. I our stick around. It's Tony Dwyer. Newsradio eight forty W H A S.

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