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Yeah that's really cool like i yeah kind of notice that on the red carpet i got aj from backstreet boys you know a lot of these big name celebrities in come by like oh like i would buy or oh i like are like i've been a monster jam and blah blah blah and like you gotta remember like these people who are these iconex celebrities like the rock who was probably the most famous person in the world they're human and come the marcher jam and they bring their kids and they love it and they've got a dirt bike in the garage and it's a really really cool and it's kind of like brings everybody down a level and that kind of stuff that i would kinda get out of my radio show to out you know the fact that i'm not going to be covering like event highlights i really wanna talk to these you iconex celebrity with athletes he on a personal level and bring them down to life and you show the humane side of these people who are just like you know so wild in our inner is but i mean you know the fact that the rock comes the monster jam and it becomes the monster jam and they bring the kids and their families you know the the the mantra jam in la there's a we have five shows at the staple center but there was another one at you know where at anaheim stadium and they actually roll out the red carpet and we have a red carpet at that event because stars and celebrities come with their kids and it's awesome and it's it's so it's so cool to be a part you know the two different parts of the entertainment world you know the the motor sports entertainment world and then there's the hollywood entertainment and when they come together it's really cool it's cool to see all walks of life like you know pairing its rad i loved it and i'm really excited to be part of it and excited that people think what i do is cool because i think what they do is cool you know.

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