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Whenever they happen. Number us Mayer on wins. Not yet Jensen at all. Sorry. Russ. Nice to have you with us tonight. Wins. News time, twelve oh, two one of New York's finest were shot and killed in queens last night. And a sergeant was wounded detective Brian Simonson was shot and killed by friendly fire. But police Commissioner James O'Neill said make no mistake about it. Friendly fire aside detective Simonsen was killed because of the actions of the suspect whom he described as a career criminal Commissioner Neil said detective Simonson and a sergeant had responded to a report of a robbery at a cellphone store in Richmond hill, he said when the officers entered the store, they saw the suspect immediately store man fitting the description of the suspect emerged from the back pointing at them what appeared to be a handgun with the suspect advancing toward them, you officers discharged their weapons and retreated out of the store that was one detective Simonsen was shot detective Simonsen died at Jamaica hospital. The sergeant was shot in the leg, and he is in stable condition. The suspect was shot multiple times and is also in stable condition. Carol d'auria ten wins at Jamaica hospital. Wins. News time twelve three a bus with eighteen passengers on board overturned on the northbound New Jersey turnpike this afternoon. No serious injuries reported though, the bus flipped onto its side your exit team in Woodbridge say police says that all passengers have been removed the buses owned by Allianz transport of New Brunswick, and it's not clear though of any other vehicles were involved in that accident, which took place on a very slippery roadway. Speaking of slippery slippery guy, who has escaped jail a number of times in Mexico back. It's Mexico's most notorious drug Lord Joaquin Guzman known as El Chapo would be got a taste of American Justice today in Brooklyn ten Ted wins reporter Samantha LeBron says he was convicted of running a huge smuggling operation after a three month. Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman says they plan to appeal citing the tremendous amount of evidence against the now convicted drug kingpin as well. As the press coverage. He was convicted in the press, and it was a very very difficult thing to overcome presumed guilty. This is not a case where we had a friend presumed medicine he was presumed guilty. I don't blame. You guys got to do what you gotta do federal law enforcement. However, hailing the verdicts as Justice for the families who lost loved ones to addiction is special agent in charge anelle Melendez says hatred send a message to other drug cartels. You're not unreachable. You are not untouchable and. Your day will come sentencing is set for June. Samantha leap men. Tim wins at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn wins..

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