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Hello and welcome back to another episode of open floor i drew sharp and on the other line bengal or what's up man now too much he you are ready to do it i've thought about it i've made sure i've got speaking out of anger or frustration i really wade this i'm ready to go ahead and criticize our guy lonzo ball now inter out of i know in terms of the background though when we look at the overall podcast open floor as a whole we kind of have to seminal moment sowed the first moment was when we met in toronto you remember this i did and it was because i blew you off i feel bad about it i was glad that you cherish that memory got was warned seminal moment but i view the real beginning of the open floor podcast the real bond was that lebrun so game at summer league where you and i were sitting baseline watching lebrun watch lonzo alonzo's all over the core with his spacey passes the lakers are back the crowd sqoic wild it really felt like involvement it was actually already in the air that night no question don't you and i put that moment on a pedestal though like in terms of if if there was a hall of fame induction now would be the the first thing to go in on the first ballot so i don't come out lonzo unnecessarily or or thoughtlessly but here's the thing i'm sure every once caught up to speed in terms of what's happened maybe you can run through the full details you know rick carlisle as chiming in this that and the other thing but yes lonzo is a rookie yes lonzo has a very flat affect to him he's now trying to make headlines he's just trying to chill.

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