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Those screens all part of the annual L. street brownies new year's day swim a lot of swimmers got out just as quick as they got in can't blame a right for many of them though this is a yearly tradition my life is starting all over today Francine twenty twenty this is my baptism into the new decade the event is one of Boston's oldest traditions it's been going on for more than one hundred years and the L. street brownies are the oldest polar bear club in the country WBZ TV is Nick Emmons reporting dozens of animals at the zoo in Germany are killed that story coming up four thirty three time for traffic and weather together the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes David what's going on out there not too much especially around downtown it's nice and easy ride for the lower deck of ninety three in this they can bridge from Somerville into the o'neill tunnel barely anyone on the road in the same for the lever connector both in and out of the city of the Tobin bridge just find the airport tunnels also looking good expressways in great shape in both directions between Boston and Braintree ten or eleven minutes either way three three sign up and down the south shore routes twenty four ninety five looking good to and from Rhode Island no problems on the mass turnpike that's a speed limit ride no delays on ninety three or room three to or from New Hampshire in New Hampshire on ninety five south bound reports of a culture in the middle of the road before the New Hampshire Massachusetts state line and in New Hampshire on to ninety three south bound at GM through Manchester getting by a crash blocking the right lane before the route one a one ever turn pike split in Bedford state police say the fire department has left the scene so hopefully won't be too much longer until everything's all gone David struck Pelino WBZ traffic on.

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