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Was and it was how he he loved and he just kept having the conversation over and over and over trying to have a different result which never happened and it was just painful and heartbreaking to watch corey always have these angry conversations that people thought was mental illness or thought was was drugs and it was just having a broken heart out loud and visible place where everyone could see it for a while when the neighbors were getting really angry and wanted to get rid of the homeless from the area aaron peskins office would focus on who were the loudest and who were the most annoying homeless people and for a while that was cory because he was having his really loud yelling fights with his mom and so the police couldn't get corey and housing and they don't really have mental health services in the area so they thought the best thing that they would do would be to get coriander jail and corey does drugs so they did a sting operation where they caught corey with drugs the problem was is that when they finally got him arrested he was declared mentally unfit to stand trial because of his schizophrenia and so for me it felt like a breakthrough i think for four years i had been trying to advocate that corey get put in the hospital or be able to get long term treatment or to get healthcare from the city and we weren't ever able to get him into anything and when he was finally declared competent to stand trial after he had been on the medications for about six months and they.

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