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Is listening to Fox TV's Use radio K O B. J I'm Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by nerds in a flash. Travis County Health Authority, Mark Ascot has recommended moving Austin down to Stage four covert restrictions. Mayor Steve Adler says the latest projections out of the University of taxes are very promising Hospitalizations heading down the same way I see you admissions continuing to head down and other says the R Factor, which is the number used to gauge how many people become infected after having contact with one single person with the virus has also come. Me down. It's now 8.85, which means fewer than one person on average is catching, covert through contact with others. With thousands of people now do for a second dose of the cove it vaccine concern has mounted this week over delay in the state shipment to Austin Public Health, but health authority Marquess Scott says there is a lot of misconception about how much protection the first dose gives or doesn't give total efficacy from one shot of Madonna. A to least in the data presented so far is 80.2%, he says. Immunity still builds even beyond 28 days, 12,000 doses will arrive this week and that, Scott says there's no need to panic. If you get that second shot outside of the 28 Day window, the city of Austin's hosting the first of three budget town halls tonight, this one will focus on public safety to others planned for later this month will cover the environment and economic opportunity. And as the national discussion over $15 minimum wage gains steam, a lot of local business owners are concerned about how that could impact him. TJ Finn with the bass drop business owners associations, as especially right now, there's far too much uncertainty. I think common sense tells us if you raise the wage. No matter what the product is, you're gonna have to raise the president product to pay that way, says the higher cost of goods and services could send customers elsewhere, leaving businesses even less capable of making that $15 an hour wage is gonna look at your news radio K LBJ radar Weather watch low clouds giving way to some sunshine this afternoon cooler with a high 63 turning cloudy tonight with a passing shower lates and a low 49 from the Weather Center..

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