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Other quick point at this why would a public official refused to comply with the open records law easiest question I've asked all day you think you're good at well then why did you do it they don't want to see what's in that record they are only going to refuse to turn over a record if the record has something they don't want you to see again I thought the question was easy not the at Madison situation at the school district was very unusual because the records back unless this anonymous person knows something about some something about whatever they're requesting with the request to get bad doesn't seem very boring in dollar not having anything to do with anything I'm referring to the school district you know curriculum plans and so who cares if they say in the case of the verses emails I think there's got to be an important reason why they don't want to have it out we know what Menomonee falls why they did what a release the records of the guide to the NYC damn what the one that was released what that's it is said there showed that the school superintendent had been plotting months in advance of the nickname change to change the name and said he had the school board president in his pocket but she was working with him on this that embarrass them when that came out in other words this is important point this is a stating the obvious point but it's still important to make the records they are keeping us from seeing are precisely the ones that we ought to be seeing imagine.

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