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The atlantic it's a journey the experts of fourth was a possible and means the locusts were flying continuously for five days how they did it is still a mystery i believe it was the morning of october seventeen nineteen ec it that's i got to work and then we heard reports that lewis of lucas and grasshoppers were landing on the east coast and it's believed that the associated at the time we've psalm call tropical storm jonas central america is on red alert this afternoon as the latest hurricane to hit the car then rages out at sea harken john has already caused on sinisa most people had never seen like us the full methenolone in such series which numbers flew adjusts soil many insects slain all over the police and land in on buildings on cars from people guy methyl rain was the island's only insect acts that he worked as an end to mullah gist and plant protection officer at the ministry of agriculture some people lula scana skate of there because the two have big manned the bulls which they use such to eat grass and plans material with so some people were fridge see made get bitten the locus looks just like a grasshopper the difference is in its behavior both eat voraciously but let us as sociable creatures and when crowded together they swarm as immature adults they health along in unison but once strong enough they develop wings and really take off eating their own waiting feed every day and then flying on mass to the next meal we didn't know how he would react whether they would each all the bananas whether they eat all the mongol trees the coconut cheese and in all the but the main concern for us at the time was would be meeks and lucia their home and would be become a troublesome piston each everything green insights millions of others had landed across the caribbean the bright white sandy beaches of barbados trinidad and to make care was said to be lifted with them some dead some dying while others made their way in land firm and very soon the will fly in all over the island they want in a big swarm which would talk to them the sky blitz the will fly all over the place but on some each chef after a few days dime.

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