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In the dungeon watching yankees red sox all alone the woman would have been spiked like it was last year the halo or mirrors hit the home run off delon betances it was that sorta loss for the new york yankees gut wrenching a no the blown save wondering what's going on with a role this chapman wondering about the rotation without michael pineda putting out my stomach and i stay i played golf and i wish treated to a marathon affair between the yankees in a red sox and you're treated to a marathon affair but let's be honest this was again the new york yankees had no business wedding no business winning because you looked at the pitching match up luis severino the defacto ace of the new york yankees going up against one of the premier pitchers in the sport and chris sale chris sale show ju yet again on saturday how dynamic he truly is and why he is without a doubt the front runner to be the american league cy young award winner he was on hey double the yankees had a couple of chances the anc he's had a couple of opportunities they couldn't strike there's no schimanek you're going up against them in all world type pitcher he pitches deep into the eighth inning he edged double digits strikeouts and a half the be honest when the yankees did not score in the eighth inning when kimbrell gets aaron edged to fly out i had the sense the anc he's not going to win and we were going to be staring the prospect of a four game sweep against the boston red sox right in the face and then you get to the top half a night dating and i'm going to go out there and say it matt holliday had one of the biggest hits for the yankees in two thousand seventeen in a top half an identing holiday who had a brutal game on friday night comment off the disabled list going up against that flame thrower who has been on hit a ball year has been even better at fenway park hate so moonshot over a monster seats ties the baby up and you're pumped up is the.

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