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In Jackson, Mississippi City bought a tank. They increased the jail capacity. They were really ready for for riots, and they wanted to portray it as that These people were going to come down and make trouble Today we hear from Stanley Nelson, director of the documentary Freedom Summer, now streaming on the PBS website. And also Charles Cobb. There was an organizer of the campaign. Also, Justin Chang reviews the new film Tesla, about the visionary electrical engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla. First news. Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. I mean, ah Public backlash over problems at the Postal Service recently appointed Postmaster General Lewis to Joy told a Senate panel today it is his sacred duty to ensure election mail delivery, And he also noted there's no reason to expect the voting by mail in the upcoming electoral be adversely affected. As we head into the election season. I want to assure this committee and the American public that the Postal Service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election. Male securely and on time, however, to joy also told lawmakers he has no plans to restore curbside mailboxes that have been taken away or high speed sorting machines that have been removed. Enjoy telling lawmakers they're not needed committees looking at recent service changes made ahead of the November election and whether those changes threaten American's ability to vote by mail during the Corona virus pandemic. The FBI is warning of a specific threat to federal buildings in Portland, which had been closed through the weekend is Oregon Public Broadcasting's Conrad Wilson explains. The agency does not know if they're connected to the months of continuous protests in that city. A senior law enforcement official says officers are operating off a tip about a vehicle carrying an improvised explosive device. The official who was not authorized to speak on the record about the ongoing investigation, says law enforcement officials are still assessing the credibility of the threat. Federal law enforcement has reportedly deployed a full suite of resource is to locate the vehicle, including aircraft. FBI spokesperson Beth Ann Steele declined to provide specifics about the threat or why it came about now given all of the criminal violence that we've seen lately. Certainly well, it's there's no reason to connect it to that criminal violence, certainly in this atmosphere. It, you know, certainly raises some concerns this weekend, Conservative protesters are holding a rally in downtown Portland counter protesters are expected for NPR news. I'm Conrad Wilson in Portland. Public Health experts say the spread of the Corona virus is largely driven by super spreading of events. That's where one person in facts, many others, NPR's Ping Wang reports. That's also one of the main differences between Cove in 19 and other viruses like the flu. If you've got the flu the people you live with are very likely to catch it. But if you get the Corona virus, it really varies. Some people in fact, many others but most in fact no one at all. Dr. Gabriel Young, a researcher at the University of Hong Kong, says a key factor in this pattern is that one person breathing out clouds of Corona virus infect a lot of people in a crowded run Eddie setting that is an enclosed space that is poorly ventilated that is crowded. That has unprotected behavior that would tend to create a lot of clusters. Researchers don't yet know why some people are more likely to spread the virus, but they think it's a mix of a person's biology behavior and the space they're in. Qinglong NPR News on Wall Street, The Dow is up 190 points. This is NPR. Live from news. I'm terrorist. Siler. This easy You fire complex in southern San Matteo and northern Santa Cruz counties has burned 57,000 acres. And more than 64,000. People have been evacuated. Cooties Hannah Hagerman has this update in Santa Cruz County alone, one in five residents have been evacuated. County spokesperson Jason Hoppin says the effort is unprecedented. There's nothing like this even remotely close that has ever occurred. We have never evacuated this many people at once in our history. The county is currently housing 900 evacuees and several shelters are already maxed out. At the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Shelter was set up for university students. Campus evacuees have been told to plan not to return for at least two weeks in Santa Cruz. I'm Hannah Hagemann news. The man known as the Golden State killer was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole today. The ruling comes after three days of victim impact statements. Jos Angelo is serving multiple life terms after pleading guilty in June to 13 murders and 13 kidnappings. He also admitted to over 100 other crimes, including several dozen rapes, some of which took place in Contra Costa, Alameda and Santa Clara counties. The former police officer was arrested in 2018 after investigators used a new form of DNA tracking and linked him to a Siri's of brutal rapes and murders across the state in the 19 seventies and eighties..

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