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Government announced all men, mostly Pashtun, some of them on terror watch lists. Taliban founder Abdul Ghani Baradar will become the new acting deputy prime minister, the new prime minister, Mullah Mohammad Hassan, a Kunde. Wanted by the FBI for ties to Al Qaeda outside the former U. S embassy in Kabul, freshly painted Taliban flag and coat of arms for the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan, a source on the ground tells Fox News. More of these symbols are appearing around Kabul. Fox is David Spot. Former acting CIA director Michael Moral says he's convinced the Taliban will invite Al Qaeda to rebuild in Afghanistan. The United Nations, making an emergency appeal for more than $600 million to help nearly 11 million people in Afghanistan, which the U N says are facing a humanitarian crisis, fueled by Dr the drought, chronic poverty and the sharp increase in hostilities. The Taliban swept to power President Biden touring flood damaged parts of New York and New Jersey on Tuesday, These waves crashed through the streets here. Testing the aging infrastructure and taken lives. More lives were taken here. Then down in Louisiana President blamed global climate change for weather extremes, saying we don't have any more time more than 400,000 homes and businesses in Louisiana still have no power approaching 10 days and hurricane item made landfall. Vermont three states troopers have turned in their badges after being accused of the scheme to create a phony coronavirus vaccination card. Potentially a federal offense. Strong earthquake has shaken southwestern Mexico near the resort city of Acapulco. The U. S Geological Survey estimates the magnitude at seven No immediate reports of damage. Wall Street Tuesday the Dow lost 269 points the S and P 500 fell 15 NASDAQ gained nearly 11 America.

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