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Be a a bad. Call. And of course, everybody knows your father, Bob, the hall of fame coach from Saint Anthony now that you guys are separated by basically, the full continent meeting you and your brother and your dad who are the east coast you dad's now retired. How do you guys communicate with each other about what's going on with your program is it you can't be in the same place reacting at the same time? But what's it like? Yeah. I mean, we do we have so much the same mannerisms, you know, even even my players they were kinda like creeped out like when Dan was in Dayton in a new you was great to come out. And and and give up some time that he needed to recruiting to to see our Saint John's game, and they not only his physical appearance just how he walks how he talks and the whole thing. Like our players got a chance to meet him a couple of guys on the floor after game. And they they commented to me like, wow, I can't believe like he's just like you talks. Like you like you. It's crazy but on. Yeah. We talked down. I talk all the time about our programs and just really everything, you know, we we would probably be five or six days a week that there were on the phone downton ID is off about a program things. Relative to what we're doing and Dan's more in a situation. I was in like my first two years where you know, you kind of venting about issues and things he's got to change because you know, he's gonna turn that program around at uconn. I have no doubt about it. It's gonna be it's gonna be a special place like it was many years ago in the near future. Is it a pleasure, Bobby? It always is speaking with you. Thanks so much for joining us here in the sporting life for our final four special and hope to speak again soon down the road Virgo. Jeremy enjoyed it. Thanks on. I'm Jeremy shop, and you can listen to new additions of the sporting life every Saturday and Sunday morning on ESPN radio and ESPN app beginning at six AM eastern time..

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