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Won. The belt was due to circumstances. It was icy one. It wasn't i in one. It was do the circumstance yeah. You know if anybody who knows how she wanted. It was a circumstance right and ah didn't even give her. I don't remember if they gave it a isobel. Fully you know he's like a day or something but in her in jericho split it putting the royal rumble split shimshon which chris listen oh jeff. I'm not mad at looked china china thing great. This is awesome like like there was shades of nigerian forces damn rose like they threw that out the water but like that it's okay for me but people are saying with the whole blanchard thing oh she has she's she's signed a big contract extension of impact and they don't think she's done it all on the women's division. She's beat everyone. She's won multiple championships. What else for her so to do something different creatively. They thought this would be a better idea. Your response to that is <hes> finer other wrestlers that she could fucking gauguin's opposes. She's four. She's beaten everybody in the road. It's not as a whole plethora and they're saying that she's pulling a chain of bizzare where she's beaten everybody now. It's on the game but he hit he becomes a problem. Let's get let's get to the reality purpose of this. You're a woman i'm. I'm a man you could be as diesel. You want and i've seen diesel as women strong. Women fighters will who at the end of the day in real life have been with a man and they're the first ones hitting up going. Oh i've been on domestic domestic violence. I've been abused <hes> so what's selling you at. The end of the day we demand is going to be the strong one. I just think it's not what i'm saying. Is that sell me something. That's going to be relatable and reliable jericho chris jericho geico. I would enjoy because china on china. I wanna live there but looking back at it. I was like wow she totally kickers erica's. Am i wrong changqing pancakes. Someone's asked awesome kong. If you awesome kong for <hes> i dunno jericho. She might fuck me up cause. I'm a street fighter. She knows other shit whatever they give but wrinkles doreen green was somebody who <hes> man who knows fight or man who liked what she was brochure. Mooney for a barracuda at the end of the day is on becky lynch yeah oh that was also but i just think there needs to be more believable storylines to it and i think there needs to become a realism where it's like. You know what you could be a great woman of your looms division yeah you could knock down a man aman every now and again but to fight for the championship groundbreaking sure innovative sure but is it best for business quote unquote triple h is it makes sense for me into like i'm going to go to a company whose the champion is it ec. Three's not innovative sure and tessa to be honest. Tessa does have of the physique to look like she could possibly fussell went up. I'm just confused when it becomes a point where semi where we're literally literally kills a semi kellyanne it because at bound for glory match tessa was being the living shit out of him i don't i don't even get it either. I didn't get it. I like if you're if you're going to be powerful. Powerful great sure. I promote that that's awesome hype but you doing so you just ruined a career in seth rollins. Seth your your your title picture done. He's not how quickly they also built up to that. Because he's a pussy easy. He's cocco. He's a pussy. It's over storyline. You made a thing where they both were like. Y'all were bad asses and we know take shift from no one and we handle or business because we won't be together but will be independent and strong. I fucked with that becky literally said something and says oh listen last time i said not becky lynch. I knew what happened but i got. I got becky this armored wrong. Rows was like yo <hes> becky said something and she was like becky said something and she was like and he was like oh. I don't agree and she gave him the look and he was like oh. I i can't disagree because last time i did. She disarmed me in like. I don't want that to happen again. It was even a promo deal with the man right now. At ever he looked at her life and managing. I stuck colo in the whole fucking again like the whimsical flirting with the faulk fucking post what is wrong with you wasn't accurate. I wanted to say another word. There's like really guy is a ton with what is and you look the canal shit and he's doing a good. He's doing good <hes> with a woman keeping them bad ass but they're staying their division ring of honor. I run a single woman on that division. I'm just not i'm not i. I'm i'm just not understanding why it needs to be two people sit there and debate and go oh well for years woman demands because there was a physical body to be seen and they were just a face in it and someone granted fine. Oh what about miss elizabeth miss elizabeth had her come up yet but but at the same time she didn't diminish her man or he his he was for her so that people will love her yeah yeah yeah and they made sense in this day and age her diminishing him doesn't fucking lose any fucking favor for any one of them as actually lose a heat as long as losing love for him yet. It's making him a blanchard thing. I you got three dudes jumping in to beat up a woman. Oh that's what makes us so tough. No it makes your mess division. Look fucking solve your message threat pussy yet but you should should have done was lovie ocean recruited females and their group and had a jumper by you participated akira hogan medicine razak exactly balanced it out. It's how it's all it's all take through three beat up a female woman reduce one man anyway like three men on one one is on it. Different is under serious yeah. It's just not believable and i i think they're sacrificing believable with culture vultures they they want they want what they want to see the woman of the men to get on facebook they wanna get on the video pages. They want to get on the group pages instead of it being believable and realistic anymore more. It's looking co sorta. I want what i want. What's going to make me or go on wrestling news hub group that booking. It's like what's making me. Go on these pages and getting clout. I walked cloud cloud as a pleasure for samuel barb wire streetfight inflatable dildo match and tessa wins. That's that's gonna make people view. It's not about the match is no more mass and about the booking and we're wrestling has changed as revolving good way but it's also evolved in a bad way. Wrestling has evolved with better talent. More aerial moves the moves of evolved. It has evolved in a good way but i'll tell you something real quick buddy. It's also evolved into the negative way that instead of looking looking at the greater things in the business it has been sacrificed for whatever could be shown on social media. Social media is a big reason why wrestling has been killed and wrestling has been basically coacher volt and this whole thing test blanchard the becky lynch bitching rollins now it all leads down to what makes the likes go on social media and every all these fans on blubbing becky lynn going. Yes and i don't get it is a fan base for it. I'm gonna fan so new and it's all about the culture talk about the vulture vultures culture vultures but what gives me likes relax while a fucker. We tweet these guys when we come back. We have much matz sousse install because we had a full in jam packed episode is we don't going array guys stick around and we will return.

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