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They all July two does have a holiday filled because I don't think anyone is going to be in this building other than the five of us that are here it was nice but no one was on the streets yeah that was also nice that is sure to you know will be in the building Devon Roberts I'm sure it will be we said the outside of the five well I just met in this time slot I have and I think we'll be here as his I love Evan to death but Evan realized a year ago that the draft removed to wear wherever lives that he wasn't so smart of him to try driving at eight AM seven gets your now between not today I'm sure is it really is a holiday type today he usually gets here between I say around seven yeah he gets here by seven seven in the morning talk show you well Joe surgeries do that too Joe you starlings in the theater at six yeah he would get a card for forty five because to him he'd rather be here relaxed and just read the paper or watch TV whatever that and deal with the nonsensical traffic and commuter which I totally understand so I have an adopted that about a year ago or so I would say love him to death he is not talking now he does a show the news all my god yeah and he goes from person to person the person is fine all good but there are times when you're editing and you're kind of on a time crunch you know I bet you tell him to knock it off No Way freeze amount I don't even know I don't because I like Kevin I don't I actually don't so I will take one year off one year on and I will try and work and talk to him at the same time which doesn't always go so well by Zach Martin is he's our production is here today already saw him see real wearing a blazer yeah we're going to go to the roster percent he's in a best last week because I'd never met someone before today that was more apt to being a talk show host and haven't because he does one before the talks so anyway because the prestige here what you got hi brought to you by the rake it see the auto group schedule an appointment today at a rate Katina service center for first class service at affordable prices the blown save for a roll this Japanese yesterday no problem for the Yankee offense.

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