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To re educate the world about what's going on especially now with the pandemic no not. Everyone is safe at home. So I think this is a really important rudy Driving went to watch. They're a lot more people inside. So you're GONNA see a lot of increases in domestic violence. So you're getting an idea now of how you can access help or resources or even just some insight. You're probably right during this. Time is very relevant. Absolutely was it hard for you to or. Was it easy for you to close the book on this and move on or when you finish? Did you still feel like you're wearing the character of LLERENA I? It was easy for me to close Book Von. Just because I knew as soon as you know I signed onto the project I started mentally and emotionally prepared myself To be able to go in and out of these. You know dark places I made sure that when I went to my trailer I had a little almost little ritual to get myself out of that. That's that space. You know out of that place to make sure to not take it back home with me or back to the Hotel Room. You know we did. The last seen felt this weight off my shoulders. I felt like I had committed as best as I could and I gave everything I could. It was really really happy and proud of of all my work. I just felt like I could breathe again. You know and go home and not have to worry about these dark dealings and emotions. I bet that was a relief in my line of work. I understand exactly what you're talking about. So let me ask you now that you have wrapped What is your next project if you can share with us well as soon as I finish dropping everything shut down so we literally finished the day before I got home in my work shutdown everything so I haven't been auditioning nothing's really been in the works right now as soon as things start to open bats when I plan on hitting the floor in running a currently in order to stay busy on doing music. I'm musician so I play guitar. Piano needs lately and I sing and I write my own music. So I'm trying to create that kind of contents to create a feel like that's too many talents for worse and it's a little unfair. I know sometimes I just listing things just so you know. Thank you so much Danny. So for everyone. Who's listening again? This was Danny Montalvo and you can catcher on time on Monday may twenty fifth in the premiere of I was Lorena Bobbitt. Thank you so much Danny. Thank you so much Meghan Amy Though it's not our our normal thing to interview actors and actresses. I really liked hearing from Danny and Luke. I thought they had some great insights how they were approaching this on the transformation that they had to make but also about their opinions of the issue of domestic violence. The changes that have happened in this country since Laurynas case and the fact that they wanted to take on difficult roles like this that they knew polarizing because this case was a polarizing case and so they both felt like they were going to you know they both felt like they had a real important task and a challenge and they both knew that. We're going to be risked to doing so but I think ultimately the fact that From both of them I just heard this issue was just too important to ignore so I appreciate that and I thank them both fast. Now let's get to Lorraina although it's been more than twenty five years. Lorraina is still very much an advocate for survivors of domestic abuse. And as we'll hear she has done quite a bit of work in this area and without further. Ado here's our interview with Lorraina Gallo. Hi Lorraine are you there? Yes yes I'm here. Hi Hi Lorraina. How are you good thank you? How are you thank you so much for having me? Thank you so much for being with us today. Amy and I are actually criminologist and professors. Who teach and study about the criminal justice system and all aspects of crime and we created this podcast women in crime because we wanted to look at these stories of women who have been victims who've been offenders who have been both but we wanted to investigate it more through the Gender Lens and how you know being a female shapes the experience much differently than males so I think that our listeners are going to be very excited about your story Llerena. So thank you thank you. You founded the Lorena Gallo Foundation in two thousand eight. Can you tell our listeners? A little bit about the foundation and your primary goal in this organization absolutely. My purpose of my organization is to raise awareness and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault through a location at as cholesterol levels and community engagement My main goal is to open an emergency shelter into future and provide immediate assistance such as housing food clothing and a safe environment for people looking to escape abusive relationships even now with the covid. Nineteen my goodness depend. Deming is even worse. Domestic violence is under rice. And there's also statistics that we have seen in in the United States. That more ammunition is sold in gun. Firearms guns is really on the rice. Especially now we are leaving as socially pedantic of domestic violence in the middle of Health viral coronavirus pandemic. So it's really dangerous. So turning to your own background I know that you were raised in Venezuela by your parents and I was wondering if you could maybe describe your family dynamic and the relationship between your parents. It was a loving family. I MEAN WE ATTEND CHURCH. Catholic Roman Catholic and It was very Happy my childhood was very you know normal. I should say I mean I have siblings but We were raised in a small town and every know each other and we played in the streets of. There's no cell phones and it was. It was an amazing time. It was a very organic very natural life. Can you tell us? And were you ever exposed to a given what you were just saying? Were you ever exposed to any type of cultural violence towards women in your childhood or really prior to your relationship with John. No not at all. I did haired Growing up there's a lot of in South America and all of the Americas coming me myself coming from Latin American countries Because I was born in Ecuador race in Venezuela I heard about. There's Ladda much. Ism Culture in a lot of women are subject to to that and industrial. Fortunately but I did grew up. You know not in that environment by here hearing about there's a lot of problems on cultural like that and you know the Patriarchal Society in that. It's very influence in our society as Latina in basically new of that but I never was exposed to that understood. Thank you so some reports say that John may have been a victim of violence in his childhood. Would you be able to describe John's Family? And what his relationship was like with. His parents does news to me. I never heard of him being whenever he he'd never talk about him being abused as a child and during our marriage. I never met his parents. He was raised by his aunt and uncle as far as I know and I only met them twice. Did you see any signs of John? Being controlling before he actually became physically violent. Not at all I mean. He was very charming. Never seen the red flags during our dating. Oh courtship we were dating for about nine and a half ten months before we got married and he had abused Right in the first month when we're still newlyweds. So following along that line then I know the police were called to your home for domestic incidents. Do you know how many times that happens? I don't recall exactly how many times were a the police came to my home For domestic violence That we have and I did call nine one one several times endow was actually one of my defense in court So they did have the record In place based on that in I think he got The very last time that I called the police because of the record they the police show it at my house and they said Okay so you know you call all the time and they did took a John in handcuffs. What happened the other times? Lorraina that you had called the police. What were the outcomes? Unfortunately the police came. But I don't think they were able to know what was going on or how to handle a case of domestic violence. It was very sad to actually reach out for help but then I know that nothing was going to come on in resolve my problems so I was kinda reaching out but at the same time it was not a very good end result every time I called the police. Oh they come in plants. I was very intimidated by them. Because you know see two men in uniform and a half to show my bruce. I have to show my bra my my body. It was really really embarrassed and his very traumatic after being already traumatized by my husband. John was convicted of assaulting. You ones from what we understand. But the charges were later dismissed. Did he ever acknowledge his bad behavior or his violence in this incident? Absolutely not I mean it was all my fault. He was managed to twist everything around a lot and remember between ninety three and ninety five pounds and he was over Almost two hundred pounds and did they namic so of abuse was extremely extremely difference of. There's no way that could never heard them in. There was no record in court. Nothing recorded any therapy sessions of him. Taking any sort of acknowledgment. I believe when I called The Military Belise. They had that on record. Maybe it was used on my trial that he did sign and he admitted abusing me. And hitting me punching me okay. So we're going to switch gears a little bit and I want to talk about the forthcoming lifetime movie. I was Lorena Bobbitt so in that movie when the plea deal was offered. It was depicted that you turned it down immediately. Was that the reality. Did you turn it down as quick as it seemed in the movie or did you take a little more time to consider a play? Oh absolutely I wanted to I didn't want to Take the plead because I wanted to to be so transparent. I wanted to be able to have the chance to tell my story. I know his story was already told but I also wanted to tell the public at one a tale the world. What happened to me? What what I describe a monster. This person did to me. There's a lot of things that I wanted to express in Intel. Basically what really happened? The language barrier was the key issue for you getting help. Were there any plans to adapt the lifetime movie to Spanish? Absolutely I think is very important to to translate not only in Spanish but in many language because we remember domestic violence is affecting the whole world. It's not only here in the United States but in Latin America because like we said there's a lot of Patriots aside Shema Society. It's really sad. What in Europe mechanisms Spain people? There is a lot of women who get killed this happening. Every fifteen seconds of woman gets abuse here in the United States every fifteen seconds. It's it's really unbelievable at that is that is really insane. Llerena have any previous documentaries or movies. Gotten anything wrong about your case that you know of yes. Yes absolutely. There's there could be a of you know misinformation of course and remember the media did a great job of portraying me as the crazy blood. Latino which was very racial at the time well So the media did this good job of portraying me the whole Ron and stuff very false stories. They've focused on sensationalistic stories. Lurid details bazaar stories then focuses on his a Cutting off his says instead of the core of the whole story which was domestic violence and sexual assault is a woman..

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