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You can save by eur twenty two million dollars uniting it close to it next year that is motivation that gets hanley ramirez engaged that get you a productive fourhole bitter eat the i have no i am note i have no assurance it's i regret a it's it's now and i have no trust whatsoever in hanley ramirez none whatsoever the t b twelve thing let's see how long it lasts he's dropped the 15 pounds here's where i don't think it works because i don't think he necessarily wants to play first base i think he wanted to be the dh he wanted to be david ortiz this guy's going to come in now jd martinez and is going to take over his role he now has to share first space in a platoon situation the problem is the other guy is a lefthanded hitter majority of the pitcher's you're going to face are going to throw from the right side and not the left side he's not going to be playing every single day he's going to sit there and he's gonna pout it is not going to be happy about this and i don't think the red sox are particularly concerned about him because loo i don't think they want him to get four hundred ninety seven fm it because i don't think they trust him i don't think they want to give pick up twenty two million dollars for another year it's all about love hanley hanley is going to be a part time by far the boston red has higher that fire and i don't think he's going to be happy he felt playing for a new contract but he's not going all about it doesn't matter no loyalty him four hundred seven played creating so far but he's still he still played earn a contract to earn money and use and to further the illusion that he's the right guy that can be there consistently here in and year out he is he's a he's a put a fire under his ass type of player were if he doesn't have the motivation is.

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