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Covert numbers out this evening for Massachusetts, the Health Department reporting more than 2700 new cases. 24 new deaths. They're currently close to a 900 Copan patients in the hospital, 192 of them in intensive care. President elect Joe Biden is expected to announce his first Cabinet picks on Tuesday. Here CBS is Maria Garcia. Despite road blocks from the Trump administration, the Biden Harris team has continued to organize and assemble their Cabinet. Former State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki is on the Biden Harris transition team, she says they're avoiding unnecessary confrontations. Legal action is in our preference. If it was we would have done it days ago, and as far as which positions are being filled, Biden's incoming chief of saffron claim had this to say on ABC this week. If you want to know what Cabinet agencies they are, who's going to be in those Cabinet agencies? Have to wait for the president liked to say that himself on Tuesday Maria Garcia, CBS News and More developments in the president's challenges to the election results. Ah federal judge tossed out a Trump campaign challenge to mail in votes in Pennsylvania yesterday, sharply criticizing the suit You say BC's Chuck seabirds and calling the Trump campaign lawsuit argued by Rudy Giuliani, a Frankenstein's monster haphazardly stitched together with no factual proof to support it. Federal Judge Matthew Brand and William Sport Pennsylvania, The brand was an Obama appointee. He spent years as a Republican Party official. The Trump campaign claim that it's poll watchers were not able to observe the counting of mail in ballots, creating the opportunity for fraudulent ballots to be counted. It wanted millions of the ballots invalidated. Trump lawyers, Giuliani and Jenna Ellis say the ruling will help them get to the Supreme Court quicker. Judge Brian are Judge Brand dismissed the motion with prejudice, meaning the Trump campaign can't refile the case would need to appeal the president's fight to overturn the results continues in Georgia's well despite the completed recount their the campaign is requesting another George's secretary of state and governor certified Biden's win in the state on Friday. The final results showed bite and beat Trump by more than 12,000 votes out of around five million cast. A 0.2% lead because that margin is less than half a percent. The second recount will be carried out Georgia Secretary of State Bread Rations Burger has confirmed. Another earthquake overnight last night in the same places the 12 weeks ago what 2.0 magnitude quake was reported by the U. S Geological Survey south.

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