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Study by TD Ameritrade that says that you can predict how much money someone is gonna make by what type of music, they listen to isn't that something that is really interesting. I know I saw this. And I was like. Okay. So this is very interesting to me. So if you wanna make the most money, you got to be a fan of classical music because folks that listened to classical don't even know if it tells you how much money you're going to make it just tells you how much money somebody does may by what kind of music, they listen to like if like ladies, if you're getting ready to date somebody or if you are dating somebody that dude listens to certain kind of music, you could probably tell what kind of income isn't that funny, which means if you're on the prowl, ladies, you want to stay away from the dudes who listen to country because they are lowest on money scale or pop. Yeah. Pop is right behind him. So we've got the list of seven types of music with classical music earning people, the most wealth, followed by electronic music. That's like the EDM. Yeah. And then which is surprising. And then like classical is like an average of one hundred and fourteen. Thousand dollars a year electronic is around ninety two thousand a year. And then rap and hip hop in third just sixty nine thousand dollars a year that's wild then eighties and nineties music is like sixty seven thousand a year, then hard rock fifty five. Then pop sixty one and then country fifty eight in lower..

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