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Can tell you this quick little teaser. Tomorrow at 17. We will be joined by the newest entry. I don't know how many There are Actually come to think of it. It will be the newest entry and the the biggest name to enter the Republican field of gubernatorial candidates. There's a big announcement coming tomorrow morning and said Candidate post announcement will join us tomorrow at 107. Here on the Wagner list show. I am Scott Wars, okay? This is a story, but it's a story with a Well, with a morsel of, uh Of of a revelation that reminds me that there are people that do things that impact our everyday lives that we take for granted. And there are jobs out there being done every day. That we take for granted until the job isn't done. Four weeks now, for weeks I have been battling With my landlord and the ownership company that runs the complex right left because for whatever reason, then there was an ownership change. So I think this is the reason but I can't prove it. Our recycling has not been picked up in. So help me God. Two months, two months. So as you can imagine. While the staff at the complex will do what they can to make sure nothing really gets too out of hand. I went in there this morning. There is a mound. Of recyclables. That are high above the Edge or the the rim as it were of the cart. All on the floor. It's it's disgusting. It's disgusting. Quite frankly. And as P O D as I am with management right now, which is a separate issue that I'm dealing with. I've called I really have called like three times. I realized as I was waiting through this Trash. That Is one of the jobs. Trash pickup recycling pickup. That is one of the jobs that we take for granted. In fact, in fact, I dare say. That those who handle waste disposal recycling The garbageman. Can I say that now? Is that not right? The garbage people. Those men and women who have those jobs. You who have those jobs. May very well be the most underrated people. In the most underrated career that we have Because You don't know it until something goes wrong. And is that not the sign of A valuable entity. In that You never really know they're there. They go about their duties day in and day out, except when something goes wrong, You know a funny analogy. I was talking with one of our colleagues from ESPN last week. When the Packers cut JK Scott, who their punter is and they traded for Who's the new guy Ryan book or quiz or something like that? Him. We're just trying to come up with a comp for that, because a punter in the NFL you don't notice the punter? You could say maybe offensive lineman, but even more so than that the punter. You don't notice the punter ever. Until unless what? They don't do their job until an NFL punter or punter anywhere until that guy can't do the job well stops doing it at all. That's when you realize Oh, crowd. I forgot the value of a punker. And he's talking and I said, Well, it's like those men and women who handle our our garbage. Until The service is disrupted. For one reason or another, and the service just stops until that happens. We don't appreciate that. We don't And I In my little anecdote there my personal story of dealing with this inability to pick up the Have realized again the value of that particular job. And so I I bring it to you, ladies and gentlemen. Name. I mean, name me. A career field more overlooked. More taken for granted than garbage pickup seriously, then garbage pickup. There are you could say, And you would say jobs and professions that are More important than that. But those Professions. You might you We know what there are jobs and professions that are being done out there that we take for granted. And I believe that garbage pickup Is the most overlooked most taken for granted profession out there. Top that one. I'm serious. I I tried to think of a of a field of a profession that is more Overlooked than that one until something goes wrong. 85561616 20 that is the ACC unit mortgage Talk and text line. 85561616 20 Accident Mortgage talking text line got a couple of texts that came in Professions in society. You maybe you may be doing one of these things. Call me. Tell me, Scott. I do blank. And I'll tell you what am I stopped doing? Blank? People are going to notice. But if I keep doing it, people don't even give me a second glance. There are professions out there are they're not 85561616 20 that Nobody really thinks about until they're not being done your calls and your texts Next bring in all the smoke to you love what you're doing. This radio station is just like we're just called true. Download the new 117 the truth at now. Milwaukee Black talk one on 17 the truth. This is Jeff Wagner from WTMJ. If you're a Packers fan, which you want him to come out a.

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