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It didn't do much for me. It didn't move the needle and few that's been moving the needle. This was a step back and we'll get more into when we get the second to another big myth was the ember moon Niger axed data Birkat, hey, the returning to Meena I'm etch maj was the aftermath was just, oh, we're tossed blab. Because we're doing a battle Royal. And having Dana Brooks and all like she did something like she got her in the maj now. Oh, she tossed out number and she's now exciting and woo. Okay, cool. Cool. That's great. Yep, doesn't do anything from me stuff that was in between. We'll get to some his from the show. Sasha's return cancel coming when they were need partners for fanatic against the rats. What I'm cool sessions back, but it just it did move the needle. It just sorta was there is back. Glad she's back. Hopefully they have something for her as a character going forward. And the other in between was Trish Leigh than the Alexa Mickey stuff. It was okay. If your typical stuff, I let would like to see them let Trish be more natural speaking. She's coming off way too scripted. And if you give her a platform to just be herself and talk and stuff like that, you may come may come a little bit better than has right now. She's just imaging in the build up. I like it, but it's just not moving the needle in the way needs to right now. Let's go getting heat her Mickey. We're good those sweets. Now, some some positives. The minor positive was Kurt angle. Vacation incurred angle. He's really good with comedy. He's good timing him in the hall with the Sheridan hat and everything like that and dancing with no way. I was that was cute and him then being booked in a handicap match or other and having to face AARP and then him using someone else in the keys alpha to take the beating which was cool and him laying out baron. Corbin was cool. I like that. I thought that was if it because you're doing a slow build of Barron, Corbin incurred angle, which probably be mentioned survivor series. I would assume sing as Kurtz in the World Cup. So there's a and then there's the thing that completely moved the kneel and that was the Ron arousing. Nikki Bella promo Embree was too I liked everything the Bellas sent to say. I thought they played their wealth and tastic Li. I thought they did a great job of establishing who they were, you know, not downgrading what they did in all their accomplishments. I also really enjoyed Rhonda picking apart. They're accomplishments. I enjoy Rhonda taking some shots at the elephant in the room. John seen, I thought that was well done. I enjoyed it popped me when complaint Rhonda using too much verbiage. They tried to make her sand little to way over the top. That said, this was her best promo. She had a lot of base in her voice. She's really intense, but I think they gave her to many worse that make sense cut back a little sing based cutback verbiage. It was really good promo really good from. I enjoyed that. Love it and is building up to the match correctly. I would assume assume anything by Suma Monday, there's going to be breezy, run that confrontation and maybe match because that's what they like to do just as so they can get some heat on Rhonda one more time before the paper you. That's just how I see it. I could be completely wrong, but that's just how I see it. So to me, ROY was an average show. It was hard to keep my attention because I seen everything already. I've seen Ambrose and Rollins McIntyre that combination ready and doing the same six man tag for the third time in three weeks in some on some show enough, I'm done. I don't need this e again feeling they're going to have Stroman McIntyre makeup, and we're going to get one more time after crown deal also. Why isn't the universal title focus like? Yes, there's a match coming up at crown jewel..

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