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Here's the thing, Mr Noi. I looked it up just for you. Because it kind of has to be a holiday right today is National Puzzle Day. Happy National Puzzle Day. It's always a holiday at this time of year. Brendan you know why? Because it's college basketball season. That's true. That's true. What's going on with your name hoops? What isn't going on with Notre Dame groups. They're just struggling. There, too. It's six in the HTC, but those six losses have been to Virginia ranked number eight twice. Virginia Tech ranked number 20 twice. Duke Carolina, and there's another team in there that I miss it, but they have played. They basically played everybody at the top of the league. So Yeah, Those are teams that they're going to get defied. But it's just the way they're getting beat where it's just totally disappointing. Where The junior class that was supposed to be such a cornerstone from this program really hasn't been and they were out of it from the jump the other night against Virginia attack on their home for so hopefully They could bounce back Saturday with a game at Pittsburgh. Bring back Sequin number three. I'm recruiting wise. How's it looking for the future? Because obviously, she says, kind of been this purgatory over the last couple seasons. They got two guys coming in from South Bend so to local kids, so Mike Brey didn't even have to touch the recording budget last year. Bringing in J. Arkan is me from self in ST Joseph and Lake Wesley from self in Riley. Both those kids Mr Basketball finalists, probably when we get to march here in the state of Indiana. So that those air to kids that eventually you're gonna find pretty good places in the program. They got a graduate transfer coming in the Ivy League Player of the Year Ivy League. It's not playing this year, so all all their kids We're able to go and transfer will be eligible immediately next year. Pawlak Anson 6 10 Kids Ivy League player of the year last year, so he'll step right into it. Starting spots of the recruiting Good next year after that might have to get back on that recruiting trail and do a little work for Mike Break. Stop annoying from the South Bend Tribune with us, Mr Noi. One of the popular topics down here in India is The future left tackle position of the Indianapolis Colts, and there's nobody better to talk about this than you. Obviously you know what? Quentin Nelson Conduce. You know how large of a man he is. He's a great left guard is an all pro left guard. Do you think he could shift over the left tackle and play? Well there? Yes, And he was projected to be a left tackle of Notre Dame, Except for the fact that they had they had another First round pick already on the roster by the name of Mike McGlinchy, also a top 10 pick. Coming out his senior year, he was the left tackle. So if McGlinchy, for whatever reason, didn't work out at left tackle, if they had to shift in the right tackle when he was at Notre Dame, there was no question about it that they would plug Quentin Nelson in Did to the left tackle spot boom over from his left guard position and he would be an all American left tackle. You would be a first round NFL traffic and be a future left tackle. So if if he ever played left tackle for the coats holds There's no question that he's gonna step in and do all the same stuff that he's doing as good as a guard right now down there. Well, it's certainly an option on the table, the other option. They have the 21st overall pick and some left tackles in there include another guy that you know very well and that's Liam Aiken, Berg. You watched a lot of his football games. Tom. What do you like about him? Solid like he's they have. They have to replace four starters off the offensive line. Here. All four of those guys are going to be 10 year pros. In the NFL. Whether there it's Aaron face, Tommy Kramer, Robert Daisy and Lee and Ugly Michael Berg that the left tackle position you just politely and Lee, Mike and Bergen, the left tackle position. When he was a sophomore. And for three years you didn't worry about it. You're just like, what are they doing about right guard? What are you doing by right tackle? What's happening? It's center. There was never any question about what was going on at left tackle because Liam Michael Berg had that position nailed down. For the last three years of his college career. Well, they've got to replace four offensive lineman Brian Kelly. Pretty much find these guys on trees. I mean, it's no problem. It's every year, Man. It's ever I think you're a little bit of problem because you also yet to replace for about live it. You have to replace the all time winningest quarterback program history needed to replace three wide receivers. You got a lot of pieces. You got flooded out here before the rain. You go, Ted to get back to the college football playoff again. Well, what do you think he and books draft hopes our time. He did really well this week at the Senior Bowl down there in the workouts. I think he was voted. I don't know how they divided up the squad down there, but whatever squat that he was on, he was voted one of the MVPs with the work that he did. He's not to be a first day traffic. He's not gonna be a second rate K traffic. You know what the There was a guy by the name of Tom Brady. Now he's not gonna beat operating in any NFL. But the scouts down there in the NFL personnel down in mobile this week when they talk about in books, they said that he really opened their eyes to see with with what he could do with the next level. Take him in the fifth round six rounds. Let him sit behind the veterans somewhere and develop his game and maybe 23 years down the line If you need a starter, maybe Ian books, the guy Some guys you've talked to about book..

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