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Maryland, Arlene Cohen, Montgomery County discussed on Larry O'Connor


By the angel moms the angel wives the angel families are the heart and soul of this issue because they know better than anyone else the deadly ramifications of these misguided policies and we're talking to Arlene Cohen and Marlowe wolf about their son and husband respectively who died on September eighth on I two seventy in Montgomery County at the hands of Roberto Garza pelos seus and and Marley you talked about this this record that he had he had been arrested multiple times since he was in the country illegally start dating back to two thousand nine but when he was there that night he had been released on bail under some pretty amazing circumstances tell us what you know about that. found out that he had thirty thousand dollars bail set on now understand he was not arrested by on until six months after the accident well he was allowed to. continue to drive all of the things. and not and then we find out that you had to thirty thousand dollars bail. and it was paid by an organization called casa de Maryland and not only that they pay for himself as he for his two hundred and eighty dollar sign. and they also paid for his attorney and confident Maryland will then I. so if you months ago inside right and I didn't know what that there are two classes in Maryland representatives there are sitting in. and it is really shameful and Arlene. from research on on how confident Maryland get funding Darlene if you could celebrate yeah yeah where that money casa de Maryland doesn't they don't they don't they don't sell things they don't make a product they don't they don't practice in the free market they get funding from organizations and entities where they getting money where's where that money come from the put this guy on the street whoa so all the money that crosses the Maryland collect is from government donors such as the national endowment for the arts. department of education department of justice department of labor. Montgomery County Fairfax county falls for. Baltimore well yeah but you calling government donors but they get their money from us it's our tax dollars and that is exactly the point we are paying the legal fees. and. illegal immigrants in our country. and rate now I also want to mention that there are probably mostly very nice people who have fled their home countries to come here and live free and become US citizens I am a hundred percent for a new goal Gration but this whole lot CEO and the guys that rate. eight races. these people do not belong in America. according to the event they they they do something and they're suffering and you and I know that if we had to do you eyes on our record along with a violent. history of of sending a house on fire the star in the windows of sixteen cars in a Dunkin donuts. and driving on a sidewalk and endangering people yeah you know you and I know. about it forget about you what now yeah I'm sorry was a Dunkin donuts not to talk about. ladies I we only have we only have about a minute left here aside from the despicable insult where that McCumber county elected officials referred to those of us who were challenging this law really I called as neo **** sympathizers and I won't even I don't even want to hear Arlene Cohen's response to that because it's not going to be fit for the air. the other thing that that really irked me today was when you were telling the story about your wonderful husband and your beautiful son and what happened to him those same did the across the street those counter protesters funded by casa de Maryland organized by casa de Maryland that same dirty money they were screaming you down they were blowing whistles they were ringing cowbells they were trying to drown you out in mock you while you held your tried told your tragic story I just want you to reflect on that a little if you can. of all after the rally I actually won not one of the counter protesters. because I want to get hurt we are we missing out the rap sheet of black yeah and I want to give it to her if I tried to give it to her the Senate. and I thought I would like you to have that my husband. what from Venezuela and he was killed by the man behind the blackbird. exactly thank you for now no I will not and then there was a white woman I was with her. and she looked at the lady and she said I know with this white one you are a race don my face you are. and I said. only your deal with this white woman deserves a raise. I would say yeah you're the window you're the window of an F. B. I. special agent who is now dead he came from Venezuela he's the Spanish and he's dead because of these laws and they're screaming you because you're white formal because I'm white and my my children's blood from a southerner biracial. glide but it just shows you know if you showed me what we are dealing like they don't want the truth now they don't want to know what's what's your date because it and they don't want me to tell them that I was married to Hispanic because it does seem fair narrative that's right and that's the worst part about it they don't want to hear. my levels and. I'm so sorry Marlo often Arlene Cohen I want to thank you for your courage I want to thank you for being there today and really bringing the the human story behind this issue for us and I just want you to know we're not letting it go and we'll continue to talk about here on this station and certainly on this program and we're gonna do it for Carlos and we're going to do it for Sander because they're there it needs to end and there can't be another Carlos or another Sander or god forbid another one of the seven girls whose name we don't know who are suffering now because of the sexual assaults that that shouldn't have happened either we're going to stay on this and I I still thank you for being a part of this. okay how much thank you so much W. thank you please I cannot take thanks from people who have been through so much are are you we are in debt to you all right your yeah you heard it that's what this is about I want your reaction next to triple eight six thirty to be a male let's check in.

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Maryland, Arlene Cohen, Montgomery County discussed on Larry O'Connor

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