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All right, and go to the phones Right now. I know we got more audio of crazy leftists filled with hatred for everyone and everything about Hank Aaron. Hank Aaron passed away at the age of 86 Baseball. Great, You know, broke Babe Ruth's record for home runs way back when Uh, Babe Ruth, with 7 14 and Hank Aaron broke his record and what 1974 hand carried out. It was 755 home Runs Hall of Fame 1982. One of the greats and man he put up with stuff you know from, really he was. He was the real deal, and that was real civil rights here. He's not Colin Kaepernick. There were real things going on then and head Karen's life. Was a brave man and a good man and a great American. And Godspeed. Pain, Karen, Um Yeah, Yeah, All right. And then the whole phone system just went like that. Okay, so let's let's go to some. Let's go to some audio here. Hank Aaron. God bless him. You saw the time magazine cover yesterday. For Joe Biden. It's just the propaganda network of the Democrat Party is everywhere. It's the most insidious propaganda network in the history of the world. The Nazis had nothing. Gurgle gerbils in the big light gurgles gerbils and the big lie had had nothing. You pervert Goebbels, Goebbels. That's always think of George Gobel. You know, brown shoes, blue suit, He Yeah, but it is the biggest life and then they got, you know, they got Stephen Colbert licking his spatula. And you've got, um all of them. Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Maher and the list goes on and on. Everywhere you turn morning TV the view with all party propaganda. All of it is party propaganda. It's quite remarkable. Did I miss you correctly say that perhaps he was influenced by Google. Yeah, That's where I got it, Uh, from the Reverend Al Charlotte. And what is this? We've got that at the Chris Plante store to resist. We much resist we much, which is definitely one of my favorite. Of the Reverend Al Charlotte tins, famous quotes What a man he is. Whatever that is his real hair. Apparently you think that's his? Really, really is here that says Resist we much We must and we much What? Sorry. That you trying to explain something. So what's going on here? The Reverend AL Show. He's a journalist's at NBC's. He's NBC news journalist. That's one of the many things that he is, but had a word winning journalist. We much we must, and we will much about. That be committed. That's right. See, you know, somebody should drive him to the hospital at that point for a brain scan because it would seem apparent to almost anyone that something has gone terribly wrong there. Terribly terribly wrong, like the nice lady Karen, the nurse from Michigan that called in earlier time and how she's actually concerned about Joe Biden, watching him and his motor skills are limited. And he has this blank stare on his face. It looks like Parkinson's and You know, he says he will fake a disease and go away. I just love all these big lives. Joe Biden. We're gonna deliver 100 million vaccines in 100 days. Well, Trump has already delivering was already delivering a million vaccines of day. So any questions you want to just keep doing that, and you wouldn't have a vaccine if it weren't for chump, just by the way. But it won't be easy because they're lowering expectations and the media is helping them. And then CNN and MJ Lee came up with this fake story about how there's no plan left behind. And even left wing journalists had to step in and say, you know, Hey, numbskull. Numbskull. What's with that? Um, amazing. Amazing stuff. Yes, it is. CNN carrying their fake stories for them like the clowns that they are, Hey, he activated the Defense Production Act who and Joe Scarborough. Yet Trump didn't do that. Trump did that last March. And now the news media. They have no memory of this. They have. They have no memory. It must be the LSD or or something. Maybe it's the pharmaceuticals they consume every day, but their brains are not good brains. Their brains are broken. Very broken brains. And I don't know why it is that I have to point all this. Talk about what? You don't remember when President Trump activated the defense production, Nick? Um no. You remember the briefings on the distribution plan? The four star general in charge of the distribution? Um no. Good tweet from Chuck Grassley yesterday. Hey, tweeted out. I'm waiting for President Biden to condemn violence, looting arson last two days in Oregon and Washington state. Well, don't hold your breath, Senator Grassley because Democrats don't apologize for their political violence. They just wage jihad against Americans and want to do away with the First Amendment in the bill of rights and start surveillance of everyone and declare everyone to be Al Qaeda because of one little riot in 300 years, you guys 300 riots in one year. Maybe we should spy on you. Maybe you should be declared the fascist empire living within our borders. I think that might be a good idea could be could be a good idea. Yeah, Another is here's another one. Joe Biden gets away with all this stuff. Howard University professor. It was Joe Biden's picked to lead the Department of Justice Civil Rights division. Said in the paper, she wrote that black people are superior to white people. She's a black supremacist, which is, of course. Okay. Naturally. Kristen Clark Ah, Harvard grad, no doubt that everybody's a Harvard grad. What a what a numbskull factory that places I had to stop myself there something for brains factory. Harvard is really Hominy Moron, says Harvard produced in the last 50 years..

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