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March thank you thank you chad for that coach today doing fabulous thanks to chad playing the coach the theme song isn't that your new walk on signed do you ever use that when you're speaking i might have to start doing that do i have to get craig t nelson's permission to use that says i did we didn't and if you and if you do you didn't hear that for buzz no no i didn't hear anything all right coach brew how do we how do we help people be more awesome today yeah help them maximize their time you know we got a little scary math that we're gonna hit some listeners right between the eyes with you know what you got some really really smart listeners who i bet they're already doing some of this because they listen to you and your show right well there's the hype wh what are you talking about there fun fact eric did you know the average american spends almost sixty minutes commuting to and from work every day yeah you know the human head i hate traffic can smell fear you know i hate i hate traffic it is it takes so much time i feel like i'm wasting time it should only take me you know twenty to thirty minutes is taking me fifty to sixty minutes and that's one that's one way but there's no you know with the way colorado's growing there's just doesn't seem to be a way around it yeah and if you think about how much time we spend commuting we get to think about what we do with that time and when i say commuting and it could be planes trains automobiles it could be anything but if you look at that sixty minute commute everyday that's nine full days a year nine days is two hundred and sixteen hours wow.

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