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Certainly, if it was something Robert Muller would have said, so check Ross's our guest report a daily caller news foundation. And by the way, one less thing news foundation, actually made a little bit of news, today themselves, you had a pretty good victory. You're trying to obtain information from the FBI this specifically about this mysterious Columbia law school, professor, the James Comey basically used to leak information to the New York Times, and you've been struggling to try to get information from the F B I about this, and you've had a pretty good victory today. Yeah. We did we do through cause of action. They represent us a mess for some the memo Daniel Richmond. Is this friend of James Comey who was the guy who leaked details to the New York Times shortly after his fired Comey? The leak. So Komi compiled eight or nine memo's of interactions that Trump and they've been, you know, the FBI and as would help these from public. We're trying to find out which of the memo contained classified information, how the FBI handled them things of that nature. So FBI resisted, but we prevailed in eventually finally, get a look at some of these documents and based on your reporting only have a minute left here check. But mean it seems to me that when the FBI director has a one on one briefing with the president of the United states' rights memo to memorialize that one on one briefing. That is a privileged information that that in some way has to fall under some level of classification that the FBI director certainly the former FBI director in this case can't just unilaterally decide. Yeah, this is okay. We can leak this aren't there already built in protocols? If you have a one on one briefing with the president that the only the president can say, sure make that. Public. Yeah, I yeah. I think it's probably a case that still interested in it seems that I don't know that, that, that is really gone through really rigorous process know figuring out how because no one would be so corrupt and stupid to have done this, until James Kofi. Did use those words. You're reporter. I'm an opinion. Call me hit try to defend himself by saying that he had the authority to declassify anything FBI directors and presidents and heads agencies have some thorny on this type of thing. I think one of his arguments that he can declassify whatever you wanted there for. Which seems kind of, you know, a little disingenuous as far as what the letter of the law would say, you know, we know that he's probably met with the inspector general. We don't know if he's a focus or target of that investigation. His activity that definitely be under scrutiny at this point, I would think so. And certainly the daily caller news foundation winning this cause of action with cause of action to get access to more information about this person that James Comey leaked the information to that's going to help put these pieces together. So I appreciate all the hard work. You're doing Chuck Ross over the caller news foundation. Thanks, chuck. Yep. Thanks. Yeah. If you're looking to be up to date today on all the latest with regard to that testimony in the house, the testimony from Dan junior in the Senate, and the hiring of, of Sydney Powell for Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, and all the other things going on with spy gate. And these investigations into the Trump Russia hoax, you're now up to date. That's why you tune here to this program. Let's check in with Ed Rodriguez. Traffic.

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