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Especially it was my first tv shows that i'd ever done and so suddenly it just felt the getting to tell these stories for five years was success enough in itself and on top of that to get to you know as we said right and direct it didn't in no way to feel negative yeah so at the end of these five years i think most people would assume at the end of any long run of the show like that people are gonna want a little break you know just enjoy their life a little bit not that they weren't you know you certainly sound like you were when you're doing it but like how is it that literally within a week i think you're already onto onto the good doctor how did that happen i don't know i didn't definitely wasn't planned i mean first of all how could one ever expect to like finish one show and then go straight onto something else that would be clues interesting and and inspiring with great people but yeah i was just darren vancouver focused on the last few pages that we were getting through of this big emotional climax to the show and then was off to la for few days and then was going to be coming home and read the script on the plane down for the doctor and i guess in a way that was probably reticence you're like oh well this is great like of course rita and david shore is wonderful so but it's not really going to happen it's implausible that this could be the next thing i would be doing and then i chatted with him having read the script and fall in love with the character in his writing and sat down with him and the director of the pilot.

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