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They already got over 1000 signatures in just 24 hours and here to make the case by the way it's directed at the only county Department of Public Health. That's where the petition is finding its way to Tommy. How are you? Wonderful. How are you guys doing? We're good. Good. What's what's in this petition? What are you requesting? So our petition is requesting that the county health Department forms a plan TTO work with the administration's in the sky at schools to allow sports not only for baseball but for every single sport in sky at competition, so we want all of these sports to be able to play. Father. Nothing's allowed right now. As of right now, we we don't have seasons. It's highly unlikely that will have any seasons. If this petition doesn't work, I'm of the personal opinion that we will not be playing in the Spring Sky Act. Trying schools won't be playing in the spring on DH, static schools or these community colleges. No, we are Ah, Division three athletics If I'm sure Lots of people have heard of Chapman University, Claremont Mudd, Scripts Caltech, Pomona, Pitzer and wittier, of course, and there are there more Right. So is eyes is are the community college is playing in the Division one in division to Are they playing or so everywhere? There are There are multiple schools in L A can, and this is part of why I started this tradition. There are multiple schools such as Oh, a viola Azusa Pacific University that are on the field right now practicing and we don't have the same opportunity. We haven't been offered explanations for any of this. There's been no reach out. And the thing that we would kept getting back from our schools that they couldn't do anything because the county guidelines and so we began this to fight that we We want to have a conversation. Um The person we're directly reaching out to the Lake County Department. Public health is Dr Barbara Terror for rare, rare, rare rare for, um sorry I get pronunciation wrong. We're returning. You weigh just We want to get on the field this year. This isn't this isn't a political leader. Although the one of the arguments you would make aboutthe safety concerns that they would have So that we are we address this on our Web page little bit. We are more than happy to follow every single guideline that the county Department public health would issue to us. And and there are multiple there multiple ways of getting free testing in the state of California. Um We're willing to follow anything. This isn't this isn't fighting any. We We recognise fully that Koven 19 is a is a big issue, but we just want to get back on the field and will do anything They tell us there. There are a lot of schools and players playing in other states. Correct track 12 footballs about to resume. I mean, we just had a major league baseball season and, Yeah, Pac 12 is starting up. You know, they've been playing in the big 10 for quite a while now, and I know because my my son place college baseball and there's There's there's all kinds of teams and leagues that had fall seasons and they're going to have spring seasons. So is this something peculiar to L? A county? I I I'm I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment on that. That's part of the reason that we started. This was we recognize that a lot of other states are playing and we feel More or less not singled out so much like that This was purposely done to us, but we're definitely in the minority of schools that wouldn't be playing in the spring and that just to a lot of people's athletic careers. And specifically the D three athletics. We don't we don't come back for 1/5 year or anything like that. I mean, ah, D three athletics. We're not sports scholarship or anything. So for seniors and stuff, there isn't an option of taking 1/5 year doing any of that. Because it just doesn't make sense financially for a lot of people, So it really impacts every athletic. I mean, you know, baseball is an easy one to play without having a big outbreak. I mean, obviously, look at the field. You're all spaced out. Yeah, and it's not hard to space out of the dugout or sit in the stands or, you know, sit on chairs down the line. I mean, the really doesn't have to be much contact except right on. Ah, play at second base or home plate. It's I I I've never gotten the baseball thing and they tell you basketball football fine. Thiss sounds rather grass roots. But is there like a their officials with Sky Act that you're in touch with the help of this is entirely grass roots. They're currently and you guys mentioned 1000 so actually within three days were nearing 2000 signatures already. And this is entirely grass roots. We cannot work through administration right now. Um, we we've been told not to do that. So we're not. We're entirely grass roots. This is all athletics. This is all people supporting us, and we just need to get the word out. You know what you make it sound like the sky officials don't really want you to return to the field. Your eyes that I have. I have. Absolutely. I have absolutely no idea. I don't have a comment on that. I don't know. I haven't spoken any of them. I don't know. Though I would if they're listening. I would love for them to reach out to me so we can have a conversation because what I understood is that various Leagues and teams were asking. Let's say l, a county Department of Public Health, OK, what do we have to do to satisfy you? And that they would the department health would say, X Y and Z and then you'd present a plan. And then.

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