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I mentioned two thousand eleven when she won the metro star challenge award hell, many people did you compete against? I think it was sixty sixty people actually, I was one of the earlier judges came in early. We I knew she was going to go all the way that is so sweet. I did it twice. I lost the first time at second times a charm. How did you come up with the idea for maller, fragments? It something of always wanted to do. I've always loved Marilyn Monroe since I was really young. And I, I don't even know why initially loved her so much. But I was taking an acting class with Sandra Lee, my director, and she knew I wanted to do this, so she literally forced me to get up in front of the class and start reading pages from her diaries, notes, most private thoughts feelings, poetry, and then saying, what song is that make you think of and making me choose right there? And then front of a room full of students that, Sandra. And that's how it began, and she's my director, and she's wonderful and very tough. She just received rave reviews by Stephen hold in the New York Times. Love loving, David is her CD that you should know about a MAC, award winning CD. I believe, yes. I'm showing the viewing audience here. Tom in his own words. Proud member of the Miranda music, family kitties, Bella produce that CD for me. And it was recorded live right here at the metropolitan great, wonderful sound here. So I'm very proud of it should be. And I love kitty. She made her CDs. Oh, I'm just teasing. Here. Constant now please send the your latest CDs. Okay. I'll drop it in the mail to you six months later. Kitty, please send me your see. But we love her. We love her can can we do give away. Yes. Let's give these we're going to give away actually a someone who is now a member of the Miranda music, family Lynn, Lena attracts here. All you can pick that out. Lina track for Seaney Markaz. We also have another Natalie Douglas, CD and Stacy Sullivan. Cd. Number is three eight four eight two seven seven. Oh you have. Congratulations. Choose which CD. Get some all good. I was saying he'd better choose mine. I guess I guess I guess what they say is full disclosure. He's my son. And what he's going to do is go around the room and give these CDs away, because guess what he doesn't need them because he hasn't at home. Stay with me for just a moment. This woman since two thousand eleven has been non stoppable. She just can't. She just can't keep going. She want MAC award. She won a bistro wards Mabel Mercer award and time out magazine named her rising star of the year in two thousand thirteen. I'm so proud of you. Thank you, David. It's been a great journey so far hope to keep plugging along till at least eighty five. Congre Mercer moulder, Maryland fragments Laurie. Beechman theatre June sixth and fourteenth. Thank you love. Ladies and gentlemen, more picks of the month by Frank Dane of cabaret scenes nagazine. Thank you. Thank you, David. Thank you. Everybody. I wanna thank you, all for being here. You know, we're almost towards the end of the of our two hours here, but we've got two great performers to come. But thank you for being here, and for your support of everything oldest new again. We are on WBAI and thank you for your support of cabaret scenes. So please visit us at cabaret scenes that org, and like us on Facebook, and that's about all the social media that I really understand. Anybody follows me on Facebook? They know I don't even understand that. So. Maria. Thank you. I don't hear my coloring my coloring book. I don't I don't hear that song enough. And you did you did it really well, really well. So I think it's my favorite. Candor. Neb. And here's one of my favorite male singers, and anyone who knows me knows that, that list is very short. He was our cover person in October October. No November December. Right. I can't read I got new contact. So I blame everything that I say on the context, Kevin dosier. He was in San Francisco. He won the two thousand and three best male performance cabaret, San Francisco, then moved to New York and to shot to the top of the list. He won bistro award MAC award. He has now released his third CD was recorded here live at the metropolitan room. It's called a New York romance. This is one of those voices that is terrific in person. But also, you want to hear it coming out of the radio. That's how nice and smooth and warm. This is you'll see for yourself. Please welcome. Kevin dosier..

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