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And I'm GonNa say I did WANNA be this person but since y'all come to me like this. Off thought some. Trouble. Listen I'm excited about this fighting but now more excited about. This is going to be a gigantic fight to I. Mean I've heard so many people. That are just casual boxing fans that are excited I was cooling beginning but like I say once you you can only kick around so much then the hook comes out. I see myself turning green? Well, you always said that that is like two dudes inside of you. Right there's Roy Jones, junior and RJ and they started on waking. WAS RJ HE DIDN'T WANNA BE F- twit. When did you realize there was like a second person I've been with my whole life. I've been my whole our tried to suppress that person because that person will end up in somebody's penitentiaries. Watch not. He really think about acuity about nobody thinks. So. Do you think that this you develop this as. A way of is it just always been inside of you or is this how you dealt with certain situations in your life wake you had to like shut off parts of who you are. I think our real men have it just never tap into it. But. It never had been pushed to that measure which is why say? Society tries to make. US gilding. Because in a man like you. You got kids. Somebody's kid and you thought. Rg coming up. Against Him. So it's always there. It's just that you try to keep suppressed. Try. To keep suppressed but jingle kicking me with so much. The he coming. At once he started coming guess what he did like a pit bull, he has no off switch. Who Was it that far he fought Dude Jack Guy Shorter. Guy I. That's right. That's right. The second fight RJ came out. That was in the Nile Asian of course. Yeah. You just hunted him down. Of course. That's. Yeah. See can destroy hackles words Silk Industry can destroy. So the first fight what happened the first fight he got injured nor I hit him when he went down Wendy short right so I couldn't do down to tap again and I thought it was going to start Right now, we've. Tapped Mcginn. All crash on his head face. That's okay. Okay. I'll take disqualification with now. Your heart if I mean when you Did they give him the title. Of My first loss. If it weren't for that loss I posted we'll have a of. Dumb first. Loss. So. Now Rounder Olympics he. Gogi. So you know how I feel comes secretary right. Now to get robbed twice or three taps and we talked about it Olympic. Committee. Robert Mugabe rob three. NASA to get how many times is R. J. Come Out and fight just at. Just one time because he's talked talked crazy out there I'm nowhere you get my title down face down mit how you you can't talk to me like didn't, and if he would left me alone, it wouldn't have came up. If you just left alone, go to second fight, I would've part of beat him but I wouldn't have beaten debt because. I'm not that do I suppressed at that. Get he filming only start talking now you make me be a person I don't want to be and I'm glad we friends now we don't know we ain't get no beat them more. We cool. We should chicanes he understand I understand what it's like at that time you can't talk when you took my bill why US face down. Talk about me to. Know..

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