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I think that Lloyd is he had a play making feel to his game that he wasn't totally disciplined in the way in which he played, but there was a play making feel to his game. Who knows maybe coach Belichick thought I don't like the fact that this guy, there's a little bit of a recklessness and a lack of discipline to his guy. Again, I'm trying to get into coach Belichick said I can't do that. And then you mentioned, oh, Andre Smith, excuse me, Tyler Smith. Tyler Smith, to me, has to be totally reworked to play tackle on this lead. Oh, wow. He's a young kid. He's very athletic, a great run blocker in terms of the fact that he's nasty and competitive needs so much work in terms of past pro. I actually think that he needs to start his career inside and he may not even be ready to start year one. So, you know, from what I've been told, Cole strange is a plug and play player and Tyler Smith to me is not. Yeah. What about clay walker? Oh, I loved him. I love you. I thought he was the best of the three Georgia linebackers. 6 four two 40. You know, Jimin Davis from Kentucky was drafted by Washington last year, I believe, with the 20th pick. I like to play walker more. They were equivalent in terms of size and length. And I thought Chloe walker was a really, really good prospect. But again, this is my evaluation. They may have evaluated them differently. I can only tell you what my evaluation is. Yeah, absolutely. One more guy I wanted to ask you about real quick. You know, because I didn't look at him before the draft because the consensus was he's going top ten top 15. Jermaine Johnson from Florida state. Is he a guy that would have fit what the Patriots do or is he just sort of an upfield in the years back go after that? No, no. He was a really good run defender. I loved Jermaine Johnson. I thought Jermaine Johnson, my feeling is. And again, this is my feeling based on tape and then projection. And this is the part where guys get it wrong. And maybe I'll be wrong. But I thought Jermaine Johnson, that when we look ahead three years down the road, four years down the road that he'll be the best edge player in this class. That was my view of Jermaine Johnson based on tape study. He's really good run defender. I think he is scratching the surface of being a pass rusher. He's long. He's athletic. I really liked his tape a lot. Wow. Interesting. Okay, we will get into the Patriots picks in just a second, but let me tell you about bet online dot AG, our partners at bet online continue to be the number one source for all your petting needs and sports info..

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