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Say it as that like i judge anybody who who is like britney spears is their number one diva okay well so you can have to agree or say me a fifth i can see that on the number one space but at the same time when britney was at her pinnacle right there yeah yeah for a lot of people our age that was like a moment where we were coming into our own where we were first getting a sense of yeah maybe we are a little different from other boys and britney was part of that journey for me so so you are i would say like a gay personality on the internet presence as a my upa myself in that category too yeah what would you say is great right what would you say is the worst assumption someone can make about you on the internet for me i guess it's questioning your motives for why you're putting yourself out there and what you're doing and for me and tell me if this is to like let's play the violin and sentimental here but i am from a small conservative rural town in ohio and i didn't see any openly lgbtq people growing up and for me it was that released slow aol internet connection that gave me my first window into other gay people and our queer community and so i thought really inspired by knowing how important that was for me and my own coming out journey that i like to do that for other people now and try to think about what are some things that i would have liked to know about our community your voices that would have been interesting to hear and that was what motivated me originally to start putting myself out there online secondarily i also just really love bright colors and rainbow flags and trying to and litter at all of that like you know stuff that if you're more cynical makes your head explode and i think that part of that was me also speaking to that eleven year old self who sell who was terrified of the rainbow flag and who did everything he could to try.

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