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Motor Vehicle Commission location is temporarily closed because of covert 19 Paul to Castro reports the NBC licensing centre located them. Patterson is being closed until at least October, 16th after an employee tested positive for the Corona virus, NBC officials say the last time the infected employee worked at the Patterson branch was October 1st. This is the agency's third location to shut down this month because of the virus. The Newark location is also closed until October 16th while the North Bergen Center is closed until October. 20th a federal appeals court in San Francisco, says President Trump's bid to redirect more than $3.5 billion in Defense Department funds to pay for building his border wall. Is illegal. The 2 to 1 decision by a three judge panel of the ninth U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds a lower court ruling by Oakland Federal Judge California and eight other states sued to block the transfer of funds. Co founder of the Motion Picture Company, which brought Caddyshack Arthur and desperately seeking Susan to the big screen has died. Lisa Taylor reports, the Hollywood reporter says William Bernstein died Thursday at his Bel Air home from Parkinson's disease at age 87. Bernstein, Mike Medavoy, Arthur Krim, Robert Benjamin and Eric Klesko left United Artists in 1978 to form or Ryan Pictures. Bernstein came up with the name Orion, saying the constellation has five stars just like us. The studio also produced the 19 eighties hits Hannah and her Sisters. Platoon three Amigos and Amadeus Bernstein left the company in 92 to become an executive vice president of Paramount Pictures. Lisa Taylor Rafael Nadal has won the French Open. He defeated Novak Djokovic 606275 at Roland Garros Sunday. I'm Cameron Fairchild. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. The Corona virus may remain infectious for weeks on money, glass and other common surfaces. That is the disturbing news, according to research by Australia's top bio security laboratory that highlights risks from paper, currency, touch screen devises and grab handles and rails. Scientists at the Australian Center for Disease Preparedness published results of the study in the Virology journal. New York City officials have announced the closing of two aging jail facilities more from Bloomberg's Dinis Pellegrini. The Manhattan detention complex in lower Manhattan, nicknamed the Tombs, and the Otis Bantam Correctional Center on Rikers Island, will stop housing inmates before the end of November. The facilities currently house about 750 people combined and the closing star, part of a broader plan. Approved by the New York City Council last year to shut down the Rikers Island complex by 2026 replace it with four smaller jails intended to be more modern and more humane. Sinisa Pellegrini Bloomberg Radio contact.

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