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Thank you again dr blake for sitting down with us talking with us. She's awesome. Follow her on all social media. She's coming to your city. Go see her. Of course i mean why wasn't she. Oh if you're this far this episode. There's no way you're missing can't are blake having her in your home digitally chile or heavy space physically. If you're so darn lucky we would have her on. We would talk to her on off the record every day for could we consider sitter her a friend. He's a powell we have offered her and her husband to sleep on our couch if they broke up to our neck of the woods like he didn't even need scotty. It'll be keep breakfast every day that in breakfast but it's our couch. It's a it's a sectional. It's big couch. It's a really big out anyway. Let's talk spoilers now. This episode is coming out the day that the book releases. I know that there is some of our jonah junkies have gotten to read early like we did <hes> if you didn't i highly encourage you to finish the series read the book you'll probably do it in a day and come back and listen to with us because we want to we want to share in the struggle and the sadness and the joy with you and i mean who knows what's happened. I mean we're probably gonna probably gonna talk about this book for a long time to come this series. We're probably going to reference it a lot. You know put little like oh and then i remember remember this thing that i loved him in this series and like peppered in two other episodes because it like means that much to us so here we are i mean she she means when bother with an appeal score i you know i've gone back and forth with different appeals scores over the episodes with these books i still still i mean i think at this point with putting a bow on it. I'm still feeling that it's a mass appeal series. I think people who are not generally unruly into fantasy could still get a lot out of this series and i think that people who love fantasy will enjoy this take on the scotus worshiping matriarch easy and political maneuverings and the really interesting magic <hes> space. I i don't know what i've given this series in the past but after reading all four books. I think that i have to call this a mass appeal as well. I think this says the kind of story that anyone would enjoy reading and everyone should enjoy reading and for the people who don't read and wait for things to be translated it onto one either the large screen or the small screen. This is something that would be game of thrones level popular if it was ever turned into a t._v. Show or a series of movies. This is so good and original and inventive and exciting and meaningful. It's a mass appeal story so she did it. I knew she was going to kill people. I knew the people were not going to get out of this book alive. I have talked about in the past that i wasn't sure that cat was going to be able to survive this series because of going through so much and her possession shen and the delusion of her but you know i was holding on hope that her and peter could kinda like once the queen's were exercise that she he could go and maybe they could go live somewhere else and be happy and in love together now cat had had to go. I'm <music>. I'm really didn't feel like there is going to be a true redemption ark a happy ending. I should say for cat because her redemption ark happened the third book her hearse her. You know her rescue happening in the third book and she denied it and partially is because the queen's komo beat her she would have never she would have never heard peter on her own the queen's one in that case but she wouldn't have been able to tell that story again in the fourth worth book. That was her chance that was our opportunity and she lost it. Let's talk a little bit about each kind of queen and the plots that affected them in their characters so obviously let's see we kind of started with cats. Let's keep that going so cat are quote unquote poisoner queen really unnaturalness shoutout to sweetheart. I hope that peter took care sweetheart. After cat passed away <hes> i love cat. She's like my favorite because i feel like her. Character is so fascinating waiting she went from being the one that did not stand a snowball's chance in hell of getting the crown to be possessed by a legion of undoubted code queens having sick dark crown tattoo and having all this power but like being so conflicted afflicted because when she's her she's still her but she so poisoned by these queens. I'm so so happy happy with her. I was sad to see her go but i knew it was like sixty forty that she was gonna die. I love that. She saved her sisters. Sleep both both of them and i really liked her and peter's relationship and the fact that peter loved her so much in knew that this wasn't his cat doing all the bad things but he had to make it really clear to her like i contact on the battlefield clear to her that i can't support you in this sir but he also had to be there. No matter what happened he had to support her in a way whether whether arsenault was successful in exercising using those demons or if she did have to die because he still loved her and he wanted to be there with her. There's a part that i really liked in the book where <hes> well the several parts. I should say one reference in particular is when a cat talks about how she's really bonded with pepper the little woodpecker creek fond of him and she she makes a little loaf of bread for him which i thought was so sweet because she is a naturalist but <hes> i loved that she kind of has a friendship with brie and elizabeth like that for once in her life she got to have a little bit of girlfriend time and girlfriends who weren't trying to manipulate her or control her or even train her they. They really did become friends. I they really did and i think that was really important to her when she was herself and she was in control to have some true joy in her life. Shed some joy from peter and stuff to you because she got to experience. It's love and of course alternately. She got to experience the love of her sister's. Sake reciprocate that but i like that she got to have like some actual friends there for a little bit too <hes> there's also like okay this is kind of like surface level i know but you know we love to talk about conditions beautiful descriptive writing winging pros and when she describes cats armor which is gold and black which is like a lovebird art and it's engraved with a skull and snakes i die. I die so good there. There's a moment in our interview with kandara the second time that really opened my eyes to her writing style that i had never really noticed before and now that i think about it i get it. She's incredibly descriptive descriptive when it comes to clothing when it comes to food when it comes to setting and she's not actually very descriptive when it comes to the looks of the characters themselves chiefs and i guess that's something i never really noticed is that because she's so descriptive and she's so detailed in so wonderful in describing all of these things in the world the fact that our visions of the characters our own is something kind of magical yeah. It's really really cool insight into how she thinks of of characters so yeah i was very happy with the treatment of cat and the conclusion of cat story util yeah i was cat hat was the one of the three queens that i was satisfied and happy for her in a way she found herself she she lived for herself in the end and and she saved her sisters so beautiful so let's talk about queen arsenault next arsenal is the one in personality who who is the most lake me in real life and she sarcastic and she's funny and she's kind of headstrong sometimes and kind of jumps i without looking sometimes <hes> her humor. I think this was probably her funniest book. She had lots of little zingers and also like little little mental thoughts. That were like super funny too. I appreciate how in the darkest of times she has humor because that's what gets me and i i think most of us through anything i love her beautiful scarred face. There's actually one point when amelia tells her like the scars that you hide is like the best part tired of you so. Let's go get you some more but a million's and other subject. We're gonna. We're gonna do a million jewels subject. It's going to be its own down section yeah i. I was super happy with our snows journey <hes> throughout the books. I was happy with her conclusion that her and billy have some stuff to work thrill but she wants to go. Get her boy back at the end. I loved that so much. <hes> you know she's got her. Her braddock herb tempur lovett braddock. He's gotta go go be a bear. He's been through enough but so she's gonna. Obviously you know i see this in my mind like they're gonna live on on the mainland for like a few weeks time and then they're gonna come back and move on then burn for a few weeks at a time and i just like totally see this life with her and billy louis where they have some independence and they are part of both worlds the super super happy about that. I knew of the three queens if there was going to be any any of them survived arsenault would be the one hundred percent. She is of both worlds now. She doesn't belong in either and yet she is a part of both and and she's a way to find herself yeah and she's definitely the most uninvolved in the whole the whole queen struggle. It affects her probably the hardest artist because she never really wanted to be a part of any of this. She's the one who is dragged kicking and screaming into this. She wasn't trained for it. She didn't want did yeah oh and then aside from finding out that she's actually this incredibly brilliant poisoner like she so good and for her because she wasn't raised <unk> by the poisoners by the errands she focuses more on the healer tincture side of it which i think is really cool kind of being like this wise is woman which figure which is really beautiful and also sort of embracing the low magic she comes to a good place faced with it. I felt where she's not going to be addicted to it like magical which by the way shannon tomorrow go so glad she got a redemption. She got a lot of praise and a beautiful funeral this book but she's at a comfortable place where it's like. This is who i am and i'm really really effing good at it. I'm good at it. I'm going to use it. This is the one thing that i've always always been good at. I shall use it. Shut us me. Yes okay so let's talk about creating mirabella. We mirabella mirabella. Perhaps the biggest. I guess cherney a fall. I don't know in the weirdest way. I mean i really cats is probably the biggest journey fall but mirabella went from being so the favorite and so perfect and so incredibly strong to being allowed to be flawed and to go against against the grain of what she was bred to be expected outcome and i think it's really really powerful. She becomes uh-huh so like the ultimate big sister. She sees the best in both of her sisters she wants. She won't stand against either them and she's gonna. She's gonna fix this her her goal her death was the point when i closed the book not out of anger not out of exasperation just out of <unk> sadness and said i have to put this down. I finished this book right now. It was really powerful and it was really hard because not only did cat hat save. Her butt. Mirabella knew she kinda had to die because she was too powerful in those queens. Were never gonna let her be. If the queen's had gone into mirabella it would have been all over. They would have unlimited power because mirabella is probably the strongest gifted female in a millennia..

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