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The last couple of nights low thirty three degrees in midtown colder suburbs reaching the middle twenties this is Mike began telling the Texas crosses the RFK bridge leaving the Yankees for the Mets as a free agent there's no NBA or NHL action on Christmas Eve Nixon that's getting ready for their Thursday night game at Barclays center this is Sandra day of Bloomberg new record closing high for the nasdaq in advance is seven an abbreviated Christmas Eve trading the Dow loses thirty six wins used time six twenty one the ram truck traffic center here is Jodi Vale Mario in the Bronx it's a tough Christmas Eve ride cross Bronx land from Rosedale Avenue past the apartments in into the crossings Bronx reverse cleared out of the hut could still stop and go past city island into the cross county here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels forty minute wait inbound and outbound on the George Lincoln invalids twenty five minutes outbound ten minute wait Holiday Inn ballad at forty minute delays more slow down to the Whitestone and Throgs neck is river crossings stop and go on the Queensborough bridge and the midtown tunnel in Brooklyn and queens bill parkway is just pretty slow tonight both ways JFK into the Verrazano Grand Central seem sich sloping VQA it's the clear view LA you crawling Woodhaven Boulevard with the stall car being cleared to the shoulder and then it's just stop and go into Nassau County in balco honest be kiwi is also pretty sluggish Williamsburg bridge Brooklyn Bridge crossings than up to the alley and your jam packed up on the bed with his well here's what we see on long island's big three east bound LA you still stop and go at shelter rock road so down to the northern and southern state at the metal broken wanton merges and you can expect delays at the metaphor of exits the mall exits I should say this report sponsored by New Jersey transit police department the New Jersey transit police department reminds you that we all need to.

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