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In south carolina's why would imply that much attention until but that was very tight as well at it does seem to suggest the donald trump's extraordinarily low approval ratings right now is trump is translating into a depress turnout for for republican candidate the crucial depressed enough to mean that the democrats could win back the house in twenty eighteen and from that then try to impeach the president or depressed enough simply demand that the republican majority's will the democrats nature what about twenty four seats to win back control of the house of representatives the senate up for grabs as well the republic's at fifty two there the by the the the democrats have forty eight so this will imposed in the democrats to believe i believe that these supposedly safe republican seats aren't safe during the trump presidency but as a side the republicans leadership on the why has will be relieved tonight that they are at silly celebrating two victories rather than looking at what would have been two humiliating defeats meg ryan atlanta thanks seventeen minutes to seven now time for a look at today's papers the times feels theresa may's be less exposed of the democratic unionist party warned the support for minority government could not be taken for granted it suggests to possible sticking points the impact of any deal between the two parties on the peace process and the scale of the increase in future spending in northern ireland the guardian thinks this concern within the dp that this extra spending could enrage english scottish and welsh tour is over there special treatment the sun reports that a minister napa jones's agreement for five years as any 5050 ju to the dps cash demands for northern and then he mirrors dismissive saying you can't even describe it as a coalition of chaos and she's not been able to assemble a coalition the failure to secure an agreement says the paper leaves theresa may as the first prime minister in more than forty years to present a queen's speech without a guaranteed majority the daily telegraph says it understands the dup is now prepared to walk away from a formal deal entirely and decide whether the band the tories on a case by case basis papers report on speculation that the conservatives could approach the liberal democrats for support now that tim farah new opposed any deal.

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