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But really he only save your life once and that was from mysterious when he was is being dangling pit and then blade saint her Moebius 'cause he screamed it's she's mine remember. Oh Yeah Right. Yeah well experiment. Experiment helped kind of well. He brought them to the right spot. Yeah but I mean you're talking about direct life savings. I think he's still only got one here. I don't know what the I I know. He saved her life because he got laid. I don't think I went to was not lead my friend. We don't know what happened between seem to know what happened. A bit between seeds so terry lease on the case but we only see her in this one bit and she actually has a pretty solid like yeah turns out. All these board members are being arrested. That's an amazingly amazingly important thing to know. It was actually pretty good. They all but like I mean we figure that out once again shops of fucking hustle. Do pick up a phone. Mike is about to come on tides of the essence. Have you warned the remaining members I was just about to. You may not be fast enough. People's lodgers take. This guy could be dead. She doesn't know Terry Lee is ascribing to the true N.. Equals three. That makes a pattern. She was waiting for the third kidnapping and then she was going to take her time calling. Everybody else couldn't call them in advance. Criminology she learned that at Fisk School of criminal. Only unle notify kidnappers. If there's been three running because he's he's he's remember. The whole thing is he started his criminology. Algae school so bad advice are GonNa be off so you could make crimes better. But now it's blowing up in his face fair enough I did kind of notice a similarity between mean Terry Lee's character model Massey's and think of in really cool if mousy was there Steph Terry Lee would you do it here in. No no no no no alarm spider man. You're dragging you know. kidnapings happened around. Bring the Haberdasher. I will end this scene in fact I'm going to do just that. The second kidnapping happens just as Spiderman shows up at Felicia Hardy's apartment reasoning that that is where anesthesia hardy often stays. Unfortunately the Goblin gets there first. Double G. snags. I one hardy lady and then the other dropping both enforcing spiderman to choose which one to save while spidey catches Felicia. The GOBLIN makes off with Mrs Hardy..

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