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All of a sudden there's a body but there's no really real clues until late very late in the movie any painted altogether oh it's bad it's just a it's a benson absolute mess and they made it sound more actually is though yeah no it's true just the only interesting thing in the movie is what the hell is val kilmer doing that i i just it's just it's just that happened that seems to happen i i can think of two instances or that to happen before one was earlier this year two deterence ballot so what he showed up at that yeah and you're just like wait wait but a little bit about him don't too old no we don't have to apply the ever etiquette and then there was another movie the eric and i saw a long time ago called state thought aid with rachel lecoq yeah oh my goodness you remember that when showed up in that for like one zina it it was just like what bell movie is here and you throw dr moreau on top of that as well as i mean leyritz legendary legendarily weird performance but yeah so i don't know it's it's a bit suggest a weird movie and it's a mess but i like you eric i don't really see why people are i mean it's just it's it's stupid in weird and confusing it's not telling them all time deal disaster yeah i mean i being maybe he'll do obviously the talented vault right navy you know that the level their dole with but when get it on may two movies for gab they want barracks why all right so what are we got actually colin you're looking forward looking forward to uh we got the killing of a sacred dear yeah thank you for your service charging wonder struck which you mentioned when we did the fall preview of something you were looking forward to whom and then super.

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