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Territory in this type of thing yeah what is climate change modeling tell us about how much of this to expect in the future you know when we start looking into down the road in terms of what claim it's going to do an impact in the us and we look at a much more variability and the climate so and we've actually been seen that already with your point have years of extreme drought followed by three years of intense rain through the years over two hundred percent of normal across much of the bay area and then we're right back into looking on the part of the drought potentially this winter so when we have those types of some big swings we see a lot of tree mortality we see a lot of the the drying of the fuels we see a lot of infestation of different critters so we've had the the bark beetles and the trees and so were killing off a lot of those feels and we get these rains we think what wow we just got to explain the normal is here everything's good everything's happy our water supply might be happy the fuel still or not so when we get these offshore wind that makes it extremely critical because those big trees the the grasses everything is so tried out that want some better wraps it has the opportunity to make a big run on things with anyone that goes on Garcia when does it stop when are we going to be clear of fire season that is the million dollar question right now like you said early on we do have another red flag warning and the pipes coming out for Tuesday and Wednesday morning and they were actually looking at down the road a little bit more it looks like there's another system that may rear its ugly head and bring us more fire weather conditions in about a week week and a half or so and looking at the very long range models so looking down into November and ended December there's not much hope in any significant amounts of rain so any sort of offshore flow that we have will be encountering a very dry fuels continue and so honestly I don't see an end to it anytime soon Brian Garcia is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service you can hear the entire interview on this morning's up front show archived at KPFA dot org the genie has given notice of yet another round of power outages because of the high offshore winds expected tomorrow the new round will affect six hundred thousand customers that shut off will occur before it P. Jeannie may have even had the opportunity to restore power to the estimated two million northern Californians who were cut off beginning Saturday night that means some people may be without power for five to seven days and California's top regulator wants to open an investigation of the wide spread the blackouts the California public utilities commission said it will review the rules allowing private utilities to turn off how're.

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